Saturday, April 30, 2011

10 Things About Me in Photos

The following items have been listed from the most obvious down to the least obvious. ;) 
Here you go:

  1.  I am probably the mushiest, cheesiest, corniest girl you could find.  
Or if not, I would probably be in the top ten. =P 
I am a hopeless romantic, as you may already know.  
And with Rolly, I don't mind being so. Coz he is, too! :)

 2. Pink is my color. :) Need I say more?

3.  I am a Hello Kitty fan! :) My car accessories are all pink kitties, 
and if I had all the money in the world, I'd build a kitty house like this! :)

 4. I love dogs, especially cute ones. :) 
I now have two darling doggies, Blair & Bubbles.

5.  I've recently developed a fondness for makeup. :)
I'm not the type who puts a lot on my face, but I enjoy the act of putting color on my otherwise pale skin.
I've started my collection already! :)

6. High heels are my best buddies! :) I am vertically challenged,
and by that I mean I'm only 5-ft tall. =/
Thank God for stilletos, I can fake long legs. ;)

  7. I have always been in love with books and reading.
For me, the thicker the better. :)
Historical fiction is my fave genre.
Crime investigations are good, too.

8.  Writing is my outlet, even when I was still a child.
I love thinking of stuff and writing them down.
It makes me happy. :)

9. I don't eat vegetables.
I know I need to, but I still refuse to.
I know, I'm stubborn. =/

10. Ooops! I am neither a mommy nor a wife yet, but to get there is my ultimate goal. :)
Even as a kid, that's what I used to say when asked what I wanted to be when I grow up.
I guess that's my life's mission, not to be a CEO in the corporate world
but to be the best wifey and mommy in my own home.
Geez, I'm really domesticated.


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