Saturday, April 23, 2011

Meet the B

... the boyfriend.

Nah.  He's more than a boyfriend to me. He's my best friend, my caring critic, my number one fan, my awesome trainer, my life partner. He's all that and more, rolled into one. My Rolly. ♥

His full name is Rolando delos Reyes III, born to a loving family in Mandaluyong City.  He has one sibling, Rolando delos Reyes II.  Obviously, the first Rolando in their family is his dad. ;) Hehe. He spent his grade school and high school years in an exclusive school for boys, Don Bosco, where he was a varsity player in football.  In college, he went to the University of the Philippines Diliman and took up Bachelor of Arts in English Studies.  This was supposedly his pre-law course, but after he graduated, he decided not to pursue law anymore.  Sayang, I could have had a lawyer boyfriend! :p Hehe, just kidding.  Had he gone to law school, we wouldn't have met.

Besides spending time with me (ahem), Rolly's hobbies include reading, running, and playing video games. He's crazy about wrestling, too! He always says it's like the soap opera for boys.  He sometimes imitates wrestlers, like The Undertaker, and that creeps me out!  :)) He's never absent whenever the WWE has shows here in the country.  I bet he would still go and watch even if he's alone, haha, or even if it would cost him a fortune.  Geez, he's really such a big wrestling fanatic. 

Hmm, ano pa ba? Aha! He's a history buff! :) He likes reading books about wars and military stuff.  Ask him about World War 1 or 2 and I bet he could answer you.  He knows even the freakin' dates!  There was a time when he was asking me if we could travel to Vietnam.  I said, Vietnam?  What are we gonna do in Vietnam??? Shucks, he wanted to visit the war sites!  As you probably know, we never set foot there. 

An old photo when he visited Corregidor
Rolly is a trainer by profession.  Currently, he's a language trainer at John Robert Powers ( where he teaches grammar, accent neutralization, voice communication, and sometimes business writing. Most of his trainees at JRP are executives like doctors, lawyers, businessmen, managers, and the like.  He even had a pilot and military men once. :)

Aside from being a trainer at JRP, he is also a full-time corporate trainer in Anxa, a private company in Alabang, where he works with French bosses and Filipino + French officemates.  Here, he trains the workforce not only about language, but about other things which are deemed important by the company.  Like with JRP, Rolly is happy about being part of Anxa because it shares many of his values, such as wellness and love for travel.  :)  In fact on May 14, they are going to swim with the whale sharks in Donsol, Sorsogon. I know he's excited. :)

Hmm.  Aside from being a wrestling fanatic, a history buff, and a trainer, at the end of the day, he is my Rolly. ♥ A boyfriend who never fails to make me smile, who takes time to say sweet things to me for inspiration during the day, no matter how busy he sometimes gets.  Though he takes charge in our relationship, it's never an issue to him to say sorry and make lambing, even when I'm the person to blame during quarrels.  Even when it's hard for him sometimes, he gives in to my demands just to keep me happy. :) Thank you hal.♥ Though you treat me like your Queen, I still acknowledge that you're the boss. You are my "bossing," remember?

I love you. ♥ I wrote this because this is my blog, and it's never going to be complete without an entry about you, because you are half of who I am.

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