Sunday, April 3, 2011

My Very Own

A new blog? Now?

Yup! :)

I dunno why I just felt this out-of-the-blue involuntary urge to create a blog.  Perhaps that's what happens after taking a four-and-a-half-hour afternoon nap which almost sealed my eyes completely I could no longer awaken. And take note, that nap's after my trip to the nail spa where I also enjoyed a shuteye of about 20 minutes.  Whoa. I love this day! :)

But now that I'm half-seriously thinking about why I wanted my own blog, these reasons came about:
  • I am always teased by friends that most of my tweets are too long... the reason why I believe twitlonger is as brilliant as twitter itself.
  • Same is the case with Facebook.  I always get this error message: "Status updates must be less than 420 characters. You have entered 1,000 characters here. Notes can be much longer. Would you like to edit and post your update as a Note instead?"
  • Sometimes, the words in my photo album intro is even more than the pictures uploaded in that album.  Do I really have THAT MUCH to say?
  • There are times when I just want to blabber about nonsense things but comments from facebook friends and twitter followers are simply holding me back.  These are comments like: "Seriously? You really had to write that?"  "Mushy na namaaaan!'  "You're flooding my newsfeed!!!" 
Okay.  So now I have a blog that is ALL MINE.  =P

No offense to my love who partly owns  I'll still find time to update that one whenever we have something cheesy to share as a couple. But this one,, is my very own. Would you want me to talk about makeup and stilettos on our page? I'm quite sure you wouldn't. :)

That's it! Happy blogging to me! :) Good mor-night everyone!

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