Sunday, May 15, 2011

Food That Make My Mouth Water Every Single Freakin' Time

Indulge me.  I am hungry and I want to pig out, but I don't have someone with me and it's lonely to eat by myself.  Let me keep my sanity by just imagining my favorites.  These are the food that make my mouth water every single freakin' time, arranged in order of craving intensity at the moment:

HAPPY CREAM PUFF!!!  Who could ever resist that European cake with custard cream?  I love petit puff crunchy caramel! Too bad they only have two stores in the Philippines, making them #1 in my always-hungering-after-food-list, it's rare for me to actually get to have them.  Waaah! More stores please?

 RAZON'S HALO HALO!!!  I was never a fan of halo-halo until I got to taste that of Razon's.  The blend is just so good, it blows my mind each time. Not to mention, it costs around P80 or P85, so mura! :)

SUPERBOWL's LEMON CHICKEN!!! This is the best lemon chicken I've ever tasted, swear!  Rolly is so crazy about this that we've actually gone around so many Chinese restaurants to see if theirs could beat Superbowl's.  Well, wala eh.  :)  If it's lemon chicken you want, it's to Superbowl you must go. 

CONTI'S MANGO BRAVO!!!  Conti's is popular for many of its delectable entrées, but to me, nothing beats frozen Mango Bravo, a crowd favorite. The layers are filled with meringue and cashew nuts with chocolate mousse topped with sliced mango.  A certified must-try!

STEAMED HAKAW!!! Whenever I'm eating chinese, one thing is constant in my tray.  It's hakaw, whatever restaurant I'm in.  This is my all-time favorite dumpling!  Besides the shrimp, I love the semi-transparent wrap with some soft-cooked egg dough inside. :)  So far, a Megamall restaurant named Lutong Macau has the best hakaw I've tasted.  Superbowl's tastes awesome, too. 

FERRERO ROCHER!!!  My feel-good chocolate brand! :) Tell me, who ain't crazy about this whole hazelnut covered in milk chocolate, surrounded by Nutella and encased in a nut croquante??? Tell me!!!

ROYCE' CHOCOLATES!!! Royce' Nama is soooooo good, but it's soooo expensive!!! Sure it looks plain on the outside, but once you taste it, it's just hard to stop.  Nama is a box of little chocolate squares dusted in cocoa powder.  If I had so much money, I would definitely buy that Royce' kiosk at Trinoma, and I'll gulp down all those chocolates!!! 

PANCAKE HOUSE'S PERFECT MATCH!!!  Every time we're at Pancake House, this is my order, no matter what time of the day. :)  With two sunny-side up eggs, crispy bacon strips, toasted bread, and hashbrowns.  Yumyum!

RODIC'S TAPA!!!  Anyone who's been to UP Diliman would attest that Rodic's has the best tapsilog in town!!!  It's because of this humble carinderia that  has made me declare tapsilog as my favorite dish ever!  Do yourselves a favor guys, go to UP and try this.  You're gonna thank me. ;) Walang sinabi ang Angus Beef Tapa of Heaven 'n Eggs, swear! (Btw, Rodic's has a Makati branch na nga pala.)

BUBBA GUMP SHRIMP!!!  If you're a shrimp enthusiast just as I am, you'll never go wrong with Bubba Gump, as Forrest Gump would have told you. :)  Shrimper's Heaven is a crowd fave!


Oh wow, after all the imagination, I feel full. :)) Mind you, that's just my top 10 at the moment.  I could go on and on and on listing down all the food that my taste buds want, and I might just run out characters.  Whew!  My being matakaw is now out there in the open!!!


  1. ahhh... Rodic's!!!!! and oh... so many other things!!!!!!!! there goes my diet. lol

  2. Haha! I ate a lot last night because I couldn't get over these delightful photos in my head!!! :))

  3. oooh, all this food makes me hungry! XD

    xxx London & Paris

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