Saturday, May 14, 2011

What If...

I'm sure a lot of people out there, like me, sometimes ponder on their life's what-if's and could-have-been's.  What if I chose other options in the past?  Where would I be now if I did this or that? Hmm.  I'd have my fingers cut if such questions have never ever crossed your mind.

In my case, even though I am happy and satisfied now, there are occasions when I ask myself what could have been if I picked the choices which I did not choose in the past.  Could my life have been better, or worse?  Could I have been richer? Or could I have been in the streets now begging for alms? Haha, exaggerated. But you get the point, right? :)  Just to share, these are the things that enter my mind sometimes.

  • I took up Broadcast Communication in college, but now I am nowhere in the broadcast media.  Instead, I am part of the awesome brand team of ISCI (woohoo!). 
    • Sometimes I tell myself I should have taken Business Ad or Marketing in college, that way I would have been able to learn and apply more useful things in my job now.  But I've always known that among all school subjects, Math or anything related with numbers and calculations is where I've always been least good at (Read: "least good," not "bad." =P).  On the contrary, I've always been fond of words and language and English.  I love reading, writing, and speaking, hence the choice of college degree.  Hmm. Looking back, I know that this choice has made a huge impact in my life.  Perhaps good companies wouldn't have gotten me if I wasn't Magna cum Laude from UP (Ahem, I really had to say that huh? Haha).  Yeah.  And I know that if I had taken Business Ad or any other course not close to my heart, perhaps I wouldn't have excelled.  I would have flunked or changed course anyway.  Conclusion:  I made the right choice! :)
    • Some friends from GMA still ask me now if I'm interested to be a reporter. Hahaha. Nah.  Brand management is my first love now. :)  It's more exciting and dynamic and fab! =P
  •   Since I went to UP Diliman in college, I was exposed to a lot of things.  Liberal-minded classmates who smoked and drank like there's no tomorrow, sororities, activists and rallies.  Hmm, what if I got drowned in that system?
    • I'm just glad I didn't.  In my life, I have never experienced even a single puff of cigarette.  Heck, I can't imagine myself holding one and letting smoke off my mouth.  But I know how to drink now, occasionally. =P And I learned that when I was already 25! Hmm, had I drowned into filthy college ways, I would have become a wasted girl.  Tsk tsk.  There's a positive side to being a chicken and unadventurous. =D
  •  I have the most amazing and most supportive family in the whole wide world!  But what if I was born to another family?  What if my parents were not my daddy and mommy now? :(
    • Oh wow, I don't know.  I don't think I would be the same person.  I am who I am because my dad is Vic and my mom is Jovy, and I was born a del Pilar.  This wasn't my choice but I'm glad that they were God's chosen parents for me.  Had I grown up with different parents, maybe I wouldn't have this positive disposition now, I wouldn't be this cheerful and happy.  Or who knows?  I could also have been happier, or wealthier, or taller (hehe).  But again, I am perfectly happy with my family. With them, I cannot ask for more. :)
  • What if I hadn't met Rolly in 2008?
    • :( :( :( Had we not met, perhaps I would still be searching now.  I am confident to say that he's God's gift to me talaga, and we're destined to be together.  Maybe he would have a different girlfriend now, and I a different boyfriend, but in the end, our paths would still cross.  Right, Cupid? ♥

Well, those are my what-if's.  They're very few, but major. Assessing what could have happened if God chose other things for me, I could say that I'm thankful for my life's blueprint which He drew.  And if He would ask me if I'd want the same in my next life, I'd definitely say yes. :)

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