Saturday, May 28, 2011

An Old Video File

I was browsing through my files moments ago, and I saw this old video I took of Rolly. This was back in December 20, 2008, four months after we got together.  As what has been the routine ever since, he parked his car at our place and we were off to the mall using Happie (that's my car's name), and that was where this video was taken.

WARNING:  Do not watch this if you're allergic to MUSHINESS.  Hehe. I myself was laughing as I was viewing this, and I wanted to hit myself on the head for talking like that while the camera rolled.  I sounded like an extra-terrestrial! Pa-cute masyado! Kakainis! =))

Okay.  So you've been forewarned na ha.  Don't blame me if you still click PLAY and feel sick after. =P



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