Saturday, June 25, 2011

Why He's Tight-Lipped About His Past

Hey there! Just wanted to share this nice article from Cosmo, June 2011 ish. :) The write-up was copied verbatim from the "Man Manual" section, page 54. ;)

His Point of View

There are just some topics that are untouchable if you want a peaceful conversation.  Guys would like to put our past in that category.  But, as many coupled men know, we can't do that without you putting up a fight.  So, in an effort to spare both parties the stress, here are four reasons that shed light on why we choose to stay silent about our lives before you came into the picture.

You'll be turned off.
We all make mistakes. Understandably, we'll suffer from being judged.  But, what hurts the most is when the ones giving the judgmental look are the people we care for the most.  Like, let's say, the person we're in a relationship with.  "I can't take that much of a risk when it comes to the woman I want to marry," defends Eumir, 35, manager.  "Baka iwanan n'ya pa ako 'pag nalaman n'ya ang totoo."

You'll keep bringing it up.
"Whenever we fight, she cites things I've done that don't have anything to do with the issue at hand," says Sherwin, 26, photographer.  "Imagine how much bigger our fights would be if she knew about the mistakes I made before." In other words, we're not too keen on loading bullets you can shoot us with.  Sure, the past helps explain the present.  But, in problem-solving, focusing on the present issue is a lesson we both need to learn.

You'll be unreasonably jealous.
Being jealous is good.  But, when it gets to the point of paranoia, it just complicates what could be a peaceful relationship.  "It's stressful when my girlfriend keeps on bringing up the past," explains Aldwin, 31, entrepreneur.  "It's tough to open up, but she makes me regret telling her when she gets jealous." When your man shares his past with you, he trusts you with it.  The next best step is to reciprocate that trust.

It's not that important (for us).
This is perhaps the most common reaction you get from guys when asked about our past.  And, it's exactly what annoys you, right? According to Victor, 29, videographer, the explanation is this:  "My past helped me become who I am right now.  I'm not sure you'd embrace my past the same way I do.  Just love me for who I am."

This is a very helpful read, isn't it? :)  Sometimes I succeed at getting Rolly into telling me about his past, but that would always take a lot of convincing. Now I know why. :)


If I Had All the Money in the World...

If I had all the money in the world, 
I'd get myself the following gifts for my 26th:

1. the highly coveted iPad 2

2) the whole range of MAC cosmetics!

3) every single one of these F21 accessories!

4)  Canon EOS 50D 15.1MP Digital SLR Camera
5) Longchamp Bazar in terracotta
6) a Chanel Mademoiselle handbag

7) YSL platform pumps
8) this sleek Charriol Alexandre watch with white diamonds!
9) an all-expense-paid trip to The Spa with Rolly

10) an all-expense-paid trip to Maldives with my family

Haaay. It's so nice to daydream. :) But I must drift back to reality.
It's obvious that most of these things are not within my reach. =D
It's good though that there are many other things in life that even billionaires can't trade cash for.
Genuine peace, love and contentment that money cannot buy.
I thank God because I have that, no matter how simple my life is. :)
I'm blessed.

But still, it's nice if you could buy things you daydream about, right?
Hahaha. =D


Thursday, June 23, 2011

Yahoo OMG Awards

Because my officemate Xy and I had received invites from Yahoo, we attended its OMG Awards held at Republiq (Resorts World) last Tuesday. We tagged Cess along, too. :)


From the photos, it's obvious that we didn't roam around at all, we just stayed at a couch the whole time.  You see, night outs at bars like Republiq is really not our cup of tea.  The music's good but it's also so loud that we could barely hear each other talking.  Bonding over coffee or dinner is still so much better. :)

But anyway, awardees during the night were the following:

  • Hottest Actor: Piolo Pascual
  • Hottest Actress: Jennylyn Mercado
  • Funniest Comedian: Vice Ganda
  • Funniest Comedienne: Eugene Domingo
  • Breakthrough Male Artist: Coco Martin
  • Breakthrough Female Artist: Cristine Reyes
  • Awesome Young Actor: Albie Casiño
  • Awesome Young Actress: Kathryn Bernardo
  • Favorite Male TV host: Luis Manzano
  • Favorite Female TV host: Toni Gonzaga
  • Amazing Male Newcomer: Alden Richards
  • Amazing Female Newcomer: Ritz Azul
  • Coolest Male Singer: Christian Bautista
  • Coolest Female Singer: Charice
  • Coolest Band: Parokya ni Edgar
  • Fashion Designer of the Year: Joey Samson


Monday, June 20, 2011

My Birthday Gift To Myself ♥

Because I badly wanted an excuse to buy this thing I've been eyeing for weeks now, I told myself that it's my birthday next month anyway. Hehe.  So even if it's still two weeks away from my 26th, I bought it already.

Ta-daaaa! My very own vanity case in leopard print! =D
I'm not really a huge fan of animal prints, but there was no pink box available and I didn't want a generic, black one. My other option at Beauty Bar was a nice bright red case, but it kinda looked common. Plus, the leopard box's finish is furry, and it's really really cute. :)
This is how it looks when you flip open the covers.
Side view :)
It has two foldable compartment layers on both sides.

Now you see what my problem is? Filling the whole thing up. =D It's huge eh.
To my friends: Makeup donations are more than welcome. ;)  *Hint!*Hint!*

Now let's go to my favorite part of the vanity case.

The combination lock on top. :)
Yaaaay! Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me,
Happy birthday, happy birthday...

I feel silly. 
Singing this birthday song to myself 
when it isn't even my birthday yet! =P
Is this a stupid sign of aging? Hehe.

PS. If you wanna buy the same, just go to Beauty Bar. ;)
      SRP: P2,400


Sunday, June 19, 2011

Baby Joycee

Ever wonder how I looked as a baby/toddler/little kid? Hehe. Ganun pa din.  Same set of defined brows, almond-shaped eyes (as Rolly described them), button-like nose (hehe) and chubby cheeks.

baby pa ako :)
look at those muscles! haha.
horsey ride
with Ponggay, my doll. :) ang saya-saya ko!
Mom said, I didn't know how to walk yet when this photo was taken
Eyebags at this age? Whoa.
Mukhang yagit. :)) At my lola's in Bulacan.
Kuya and I :)
Hehe, masasayang mga bata. :)

Thank you to our parents, we had such a lovely and happy childhood! :)  

And now, Kuya and I look like this already:

We don't look the same anymore. He's on team black, I'm on team white. Hehe. =D


Saturday, June 18, 2011

On Being Beautiful Inside & Out

"People are like stained glass windows: 
they sparkle and shine when the sun is out, 
but when the darkness sets in, 
their true beauty is revealed only if there is light within."

- Elizabeth Kubler-Ross 

Let's Get BELOfied!

One thing that's awesome about my job is that you get to see your ideas come to life. What was once a simple and random idea, when further developed with the team, would eventually become a nationwide campaign for all the Filipinos to see. Weee! I am soooo proud!  :)

The recently launched program of my brand called "BELOfied! The Belo Essentials Beauty Makeover" is my baby.  I've watched over it ever since its conception, and now I had already given birth. Hehe. The "pregnancy" was as difficult as it was exciting.  Full days of not being able to even brush my hair because of tons of tasks, presentations to bosses and brand partners left and right, not to mention the stress that comes from agencies who fall short of expectations.  Haaay.  But it's all worth it. :)  Could you believe I wasn't able to sleep well on Tuesday night out of excitement about the promo launch the following day? Still using the analogy of a pregnant woman, para akong nagle-labor. Hahaha. =D

You know you have to 
get BELOfied!

Wahaha, I was part of this TV commercial but I bet you didn't catch my vague millisecond exposure. =P  Kaya nga extra eh. Hehe.  For your info, I'm at these frames:
 Now you know. ;) =P

Here are some of our fun photos during the shoot. :)

It's time you get BELOfied, too! :) All you have to do is buy Belo Essentials, fill out the entry form at, upload your photo, and tell us why you want to be BELOfied.  That will already give you the chance to win a P150,000 belo beauty makeover which includes Belo Medical services, clothes from Chocolate Clothing, hairstyling and makeup from celebrity stylist Lourd Ramos (Creations), and personality development lessons from Modern Academy.  On top of all these, you will also stand a chance to win cool prizes in the digital raffle.  :)

Did you ever imagine that going from drab to dab was this easy and fun? ;)  Log on to for complete details.


Monday, June 13, 2011

Belo Essentials Revamps its Website

Weee! I am sooo proud! :)  
Belo Essentials' website now dons a fresh, new look!

Unfortunately, the size of my page doesn't give it justice.
Better drop by the site yourself! :) 
In your address bar, simply type 
and ta-daaa! You'll be amazed at how beautifully
this website has been made to become.  
Is it obvious that I'm a proud mommy? Hehe. Love your own. =P


Sunday, June 12, 2011

My Big, Fab Rings

Yaaaay!  I got new giant rings today that are really fabulous! Me sooo happy! :)

They're super cute!  And I got them for a really, really low price!
Coolio! :)

My favorite of all four is that with the silver ribbon
I already wore it while strolling around Eastwood. =D

That's me showing it off. =P
And oh, on a side note, I also got new makeup from Beauty Bar!
Two lipsticks: one nude, one red,
Plus an eyelash curler!
I'm not really into dolling up my lashes but I thought I should get one...
just for the sake of having one. =P

Weee! :) Thank you, lovey! ♥
For the rings, and the good meal, and the movie,
and the fun badminton game, and the hearty laughter,
and everything else! :)

Okay, I know I've already gone too far from my topic. =D
Hehe. Basta! My rings are pretty. 
Hush, they're only P300! Good buy, diba! ;)

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