Sunday, June 19, 2011

Baby Joycee

Ever wonder how I looked as a baby/toddler/little kid? Hehe. Ganun pa din.  Same set of defined brows, almond-shaped eyes (as Rolly described them), button-like nose (hehe) and chubby cheeks.

baby pa ako :)
look at those muscles! haha.
horsey ride
with Ponggay, my doll. :) ang saya-saya ko!
Mom said, I didn't know how to walk yet when this photo was taken
Eyebags at this age? Whoa.
Mukhang yagit. :)) At my lola's in Bulacan.
Kuya and I :)
Hehe, masasayang mga bata. :)

Thank you to our parents, we had such a lovely and happy childhood! :)  

And now, Kuya and I look like this already:

We don't look the same anymore. He's on team black, I'm on team white. Hehe. =D


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