Saturday, June 18, 2011

Let's Get BELOfied!

One thing that's awesome about my job is that you get to see your ideas come to life. What was once a simple and random idea, when further developed with the team, would eventually become a nationwide campaign for all the Filipinos to see. Weee! I am soooo proud!  :)

The recently launched program of my brand called "BELOfied! The Belo Essentials Beauty Makeover" is my baby.  I've watched over it ever since its conception, and now I had already given birth. Hehe. The "pregnancy" was as difficult as it was exciting.  Full days of not being able to even brush my hair because of tons of tasks, presentations to bosses and brand partners left and right, not to mention the stress that comes from agencies who fall short of expectations.  Haaay.  But it's all worth it. :)  Could you believe I wasn't able to sleep well on Tuesday night out of excitement about the promo launch the following day? Still using the analogy of a pregnant woman, para akong nagle-labor. Hahaha. =D

You know you have to 
get BELOfied!

Wahaha, I was part of this TV commercial but I bet you didn't catch my vague millisecond exposure. =P  Kaya nga extra eh. Hehe.  For your info, I'm at these frames:
 Now you know. ;) =P

Here are some of our fun photos during the shoot. :)

It's time you get BELOfied, too! :) All you have to do is buy Belo Essentials, fill out the entry form at, upload your photo, and tell us why you want to be BELOfied.  That will already give you the chance to win a P150,000 belo beauty makeover which includes Belo Medical services, clothes from Chocolate Clothing, hairstyling and makeup from celebrity stylist Lourd Ramos (Creations), and personality development lessons from Modern Academy.  On top of all these, you will also stand a chance to win cool prizes in the digital raffle.  :)

Did you ever imagine that going from drab to dab was this easy and fun? ;)  Log on to for complete details.


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