Sunday, June 12, 2011

My Big, Fab Rings

Yaaaay!  I got new giant rings today that are really fabulous! Me sooo happy! :)

They're super cute!  And I got them for a really, really low price!
Coolio! :)

My favorite of all four is that with the silver ribbon
I already wore it while strolling around Eastwood. =D

That's me showing it off. =P
And oh, on a side note, I also got new makeup from Beauty Bar!
Two lipsticks: one nude, one red,
Plus an eyelash curler!
I'm not really into dolling up my lashes but I thought I should get one...
just for the sake of having one. =P

Weee! :) Thank you, lovey! ♥
For the rings, and the good meal, and the movie,
and the fun badminton game, and the hearty laughter,
and everything else! :)

Okay, I know I've already gone too far from my topic. =D
Hehe. Basta! My rings are pretty. 
Hush, they're only P300! Good buy, diba! ;)


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