Monday, June 20, 2011

My Birthday Gift To Myself ♥

Because I badly wanted an excuse to buy this thing I've been eyeing for weeks now, I told myself that it's my birthday next month anyway. Hehe.  So even if it's still two weeks away from my 26th, I bought it already.

Ta-daaaa! My very own vanity case in leopard print! =D
I'm not really a huge fan of animal prints, but there was no pink box available and I didn't want a generic, black one. My other option at Beauty Bar was a nice bright red case, but it kinda looked common. Plus, the leopard box's finish is furry, and it's really really cute. :)
This is how it looks when you flip open the covers.
Side view :)
It has two foldable compartment layers on both sides.

Now you see what my problem is? Filling the whole thing up. =D It's huge eh.
To my friends: Makeup donations are more than welcome. ;)  *Hint!*Hint!*

Now let's go to my favorite part of the vanity case.

The combination lock on top. :)
Yaaaay! Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me,
Happy birthday, happy birthday...

I feel silly. 
Singing this birthday song to myself 
when it isn't even my birthday yet! =P
Is this a stupid sign of aging? Hehe.

PS. If you wanna buy the same, just go to Beauty Bar. ;)
      SRP: P2,400



  1. Hi Joyce, I chanced upon your blog and enjoyed reading its content-you can truly write with humor! By the way, Happy Birthday to you (feels like I know you a bit after reading your posts)! The vanity case you purchased for yourself is beautiful, I love everything leopard as well! -Mar


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