Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Three Years Down ♥

It's been three years since 888, and all this time, I have always considered myself blessed for finding someone as amazing as my fiancé. ♥  Nobody could ever be more right for me, and I thank the Lord for this truly wonderful blessing. :)

We traveled to the Queen City of the South to celebrate our anniversary. I've been to Cebu countless times already, but going there with Rolly this time made it a unique experience.  We spent the first day exploring the place, accompanied by my good friend Nevie and her boyfriend Ken. Prior to this trip, I only went to Cebu for work, so it's actually my first time to explore the place.

Casa Gorordo - one of the three remaining houses in Cebu’s 
Parian district that dates back to the Spanish colonial period. (wiki)

Fort San Pedro - a military defense structure, built by Spanish and 
indigenous Cebuano laborers under the command of Spanish conquistador, 
Miguel López de Legazpi and the Spanish Government in Cebu. (wiki)

Magellan's Cross - Will a visit to Cebu ever be complete without
a stopover at this legendary cross? :) Ugh, this is a no-brainer.

Taoist Temple - constructed in 1972 and is the biggest one in the Philippines.
I felt like Kung Fu Panda's Po while walking up the steps. Whew! 
Lapu-lapu's Statue in Mactan - They say this is the exact spot where this 
warrior fought the battle where he killed Magellan.
Ugh, if I had it my way I wouldn't go here anymore. But Rolly was itching to pay
him a visit, so what the heck. Hehe.

I wanted to go a guitar factory, but we ended up in guitar store.
Hehe. =D

Then day 2 came.  Rolly brought me to the prestigious Shangri La Mactan Resort.  I've been thinking of a word to descibe the place, but 'beautiful' is certainly an understatement.  It's a piece of heaven on earth!!! I wish we owned an SLR so we could give the place justice with our photos, but unfortunately we only had my trusty cybershot. Oh well.​en/property/cebu/mactanres​ort

We stayed at a beautiful Premier Garden View room and Rolly has automatically become Shang's "Golden Circle" member, yaay! It means we'll get to enjoy special perks and discounts when we get back. That is if he can afford another 14,000 bucks (or less if marked down) for an overnight stay.  =D Why does 'the good life' sometimes have to be really expensive? =|

Being a five-star resort, we only have good things to say about the place. World class service and top-notch facilities!  The beach was superb, good thing we got unlimited use of non-motorized water sports thingies. =D

Day 2 was capped off with a Su Tu Kil dinner. :) Sutukil stands for Sugba, Tuwa, and Kilaw - the main ways of cooking the delicious fresh seafood found in Mactan.

We kicked Day 3 off with a scrumptious meal at Tides.  We're the only Pinoys there, except of course the servers.

And another half day was spent swimming. :)

At noontime, it was time to go. Huhu. :(

This vacation was definitely the best one we've had so far. I think this even beat our Hong Kong trip in 2008. :) Hmm, I wonder where we're going next year.  Ay, hindi na pala. No travel in August 2012.  Gotta save that for our honeymoon na lang. =D

Thanks so much, Mahal! ♥ I love you!!!



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