Saturday, September 17, 2011

My Wedding Personality

I was browsing when I came across this quiz entitled: "What's Your Wedding Personality?"  You know how excited I've been since getting bitten by the wedding bug, so it was but automatic for me to answer. =D

The result? (copied verbatim:)

"You're probably the Romantic Type. Perhaps you've imagined holding your wedding in a garden with lots of candlelit trees and rose petals on the ground.  Lush floral arrangements in all shades of pink could also help you channel the look in your reception...

"Your wedding style ideas are filled with dainty bridesmaids dresses.  Go for a pretty ball gown made of satin and French lace for that uber romantic look on your special day."

Geez, that's exactly my wedding personality!  Kudos to author Zei Bernardo! :)

I really am the romantic type, and it's true that I've always wanted a garden wedding. However, since Catholics are only allowed to have the wedding ceremony inside a church and nowhere else, I can't have that.  It is for this reason that we chose The Glass Garden to be our reception venue. It has the perfect dreamy and "enchanted" feel and ambiance that I want.

It's also true that I want dainty bridesmaid dresses, that's why I've chosen chiffon for the material and pink for the color.
the color
the material

The only mismatch is the bridal gown. :) If I were long legged and thin, I might go for a ball gown. But I'm not. I'm only five feet tall. I may weigh 92 pounds but I look thicker. Because of facts like these which cannot be changed, I can't have a ball gown which would actually make me look like a ball, literally. Hehe.  I'm having a fit-n-flare wedding dress instead. :)

Click on this link if you want to know your wedding personality, too! :)


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