Friday, September 16, 2011

The Search Is Over

Yes, you read it right.  My long search for a makeup artist is officially over! :) Yippee!  I only made up my mind this afternoon, and I feel so relieved.  For weeks, it was finding one that has kept me busy during my free time.  I kept researching, reading forums and browsing portfolios.  Boy was it tiring.

Of all our wedding suppliers, it's the HMUA (hair & makeup artist) that we're booking last.  Being a makeup enthusiast myself, choosing from a huge bunch of artists out there was really difficult!  There are those that offer packages at really affordable rates, but I don't want to worry about the quality so they're immediately out of our list.  I've basically relied on reviews from Weddings@Work, and I shortlisted the popular ones. Of my long list, I focused on those names whose rates are reasonable given the quality of their output.  Here's the matrix that I made:

These are all excellent artists, but I've finally zeroed in on one, and that's Mayone Bakunawa. :) Her rate card above seems higher than the rest, but fortunately, I was able to negotiate! *snaps for me!!!* :) The nego rate is still higher than our original budget for hair and makeup, but since it's her that I want, Rolly gave the go-signal to book her already. Yippee! (Isn't it great to have such a loving fiance? He knows I'd only get grumpy if he would object about 'my chosen one.' =D)

Anyway, here are some of Mayone's brides whose photos I borrowed from her portfolio.  See how glowing they are and how beautiful but natural the makeup looks on them! :)

I was surprised to see that my UP blockmate Marielle was also a Mayone bride! :)

Mayone herself is very pretty! 

Weee! I'm even more excited now! :) I know she will make me a truly blushing bride on our big day.


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