Saturday, January 7, 2012

Laisha the Lumix

I got myself a new chum on the first week of 2012! Whoooaaaa! :)

Meet LAISHA, my Lumix LX5...

Before 2011 ended, I was already considering getting a new camera and retire my five-year old pink Cybershot.  However, I wanted to prove that I could defy the impulsive, I-want-it-now-or-never brat in me, so it took me a few more weeks to drop the bucks. Haha. I still did, obviously.  I merely prolonged the agony. *sticks tongue out*

I am no expert, but my friends say this Lumix LX5 was a fine choice. It is the perfect camera for casual photography enthusiasts just as I am who enjoy taking high quality photos but don't want the bulky baggage of a DSLR.  I read in one product review that the LX5 is "known as a 'bridge camera' as it bridges the gap between professional, high quality DSLRs and simple foolproof point-and-shoot cameras as it comes with all the customizable options regarding aperture, shutter speed, ISO etc."   Yaaaay! Perfect for me! :)

I am sooo looking forward to posting better quality images from now on! :)


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