Saturday, January 7, 2012

My First Ever Omelet

I know this seems pathetic, but it was my first time this afternoon to ever cook an omelet.  Whew! Thanks to my office mates who immediately replied when I sent them this BBM:

"Guys, nilalagyan ba ng salt ang scrambled egg?  Scrambled egg dapat for omelet diba?"

Well, there's a first time for everything!  And before you know it, I might already be the the most sought after chef in the city! Hehe. =P  For now, this will do.

Tadaaaaaa!  *big grin*

Doesn't it look yummy? No, don't give me those rolling eyes! Haha. =))

But I admit, it was a bit salty. =P I promise it will be perfect next time. ;)


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