Sunday, February 5, 2012

Our Happy Little Saturdate :)

I live in the north, he lives in the south.  We don't see each other every single day, but Rolly and I always make it a point to be together at least twice weekly: one weekday and one weekend.

Because Rolly works like a beaver and he usually has JRP trainings on Saturdays, our weekend date usually falls on a Sunday.  However, yesterday was an exception. :) Anticipating the exhaustion he'd feel after his 21k Condura run this morning, we knew we already had to "Saturdate."  And so I drove to the South.

I am such a supportive fiancee (ahem), so instead of him going up north, I went to the south instead so he could reserve his legs' strength for Condura.

Traffic was heavy, and I arrived at Festival Mall with my tummy grumbling.  Rolly was already there to meet me, and we wolfed down a heavy lunch at Racks.

Rolly's class wasn't until 3pm, so we killed time amusing ourselves at Tom's World. =D I wasn't surprised that I did not outnumber his shots. I was having a terrible, terrible headache. :( (Thanks for getting me Advil, sweetie).

Then it's time for training! Huuuush, the classroom was an English-speaking zone, that's why I kept my mouth shut the whole time! =P Hehe just kidding.
His trainees were late, and it's not everyday that I'm at his workplace, so we took photos. =P (Nah, in reality we're just really shutterbugs.) =P

I wanted to take shots of Rolly while he was wearing his trainer hat, but I did not want to cause any distraction.  So I kept my butt glued to the seat at the corner and remained quiet.  His class was really fun!  During the two-hour training, I sometimes sneaked and posted tweets. =P

Waaaaah! He's such a pa-cute flirt! He winked at me while teaching! Hahaha! =))  Not sure if anybody else caught him. =D Hmm. I guess if he became my trainer in real life, I would have a crush on him. Seryoso. Rolly's such an adorable teacher, especially when he laughs and cracks jokes. :) Not to mention that he's very competent in what he does! (Pagbigyaaaan, husband-to-be ko yan eh! #LoveYourOwn =P)

We capped the day off with delicious servings of Serenitea (I loved my green apple yakult!) and chicken chops at Bon Chon (ATC).  What's new, it was another cheat day. @_@

We left the mall together, and our cars left the parking lot together.  As always, Royce and Happie (names of our tsikots) were on the road side by side, with windows rolled down.

As the traffic light went green, we shouted "I LOVE YOUUUUU!" at the top of our lungs and hit the road towards our separate destinations, Rolly to his house and I to mine. :(  It won't be long now when we shall be together inside one car, and he can take me home to a place we'll then call ours. ♥



  1. nice blog Joycee, I am a big fan of yours lol. love reading your stories....

  2. Hello Desz! :) Thanks so much! Hope you won't get sick of my over-the-top mushiness sometimes. Hehe. :)


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