Saturday, March 10, 2012

An Addendum to My Team Dream Wedding Post!

In September last year, I posted an entry entitled Team Dream Wedding where I listed down all the wedding suppliers we had booked at that time. Months flew by very swiftly, and now there are new names in the roster. :)


She's expected to do wonders on me on our big day.  Mayone, please please, make me an enchanting, blushing bride! Hehe. =P I just hope she won't outshine me on my own wedding, she's a beauty herself! I wrote a separate entry on her here.


When we were starting our wedding preps, Rolly and I agreed not to get musicians anymore.  The choir is included in our church package anyway, and we're already getting Rejektcrew, a professional lights and sounds supplier, to spin the music for us in Glass Garden.  But like I always do, I changed my mind and got Rolly's approval after my persistent pangungulit. :)  I researched and researched and researched, and found String Minstrels.  We booked them at the Weddings & Debuts Bridal Fair in February; we got ourselves a quartet (3 instruments, 1 vocalist). Their music is really, really good! :) They were the ones who played in the Ryan Agoncillo - Judy Ann Santos wedding.


Having customized bridal shoes was never a requirement in our original plans. I was convinced that it's a waste of money since I can get gorgeous shoes off-the-rack anytime, and besides, these won't be seen under my wedding gown anyway.  But guess what.  I changed my mind, nothing new here. =P  So we got Perfect Match, a popular supplier for customized shoes for brides.  The price is a bit steep compared to ready-to-wear footwear, but at least I could dictate the design I want. I searched the world wide web and found my perfect bridal shoes! This is what I'm gonna ask Perfect Match to copy, but in pink.


Our bridal car will be courtesy of our ninong, Mr. Orville Roque, who owns a lot of fancy cars in his garage. He's lending us his gwapong Jaguar for the wedding. Yaaaay! :)

On top of these three, other additions to our dream team are the host, Marge Dizon, and the souvenirs supplier, Excel Frames. :)

Weeeee!  Now we can say that the team is 100% complete!  You won't see Rolly and I wandering around bridal fairs anymore. =D



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