Saturday, March 31, 2012

Bridal Beauty

As a woman, I strongly believe that like the gown, the hair & makeup that I will wear on my wedding day is probably the most unforgettable hair & makeup I will ever put on.  Thus, extra caution has to be taken to guarantee that I will look just right. :)  

I want to look and feel ultra beautiful on my day of days, but I still want to look like me.  If  "ultra beautiful" can't be achieved without altering the real face I have been given, wag na lang. =P  I want Rolly to see me, the real Joyce he has fallen in love with, walking down the aisle -- not the beautiful but cosmetically-corrected Joyce. *wink*

The first step into achieving this is already done - I've chosen and booked a good makeup artist, Mayone Bakunawa.  I'm certain that she'll do a good job even without me giving any of my own suggestions, but I am not who I am if I just keep my mouth shut. =D  Joyce isn't Joyce if she's not ready with pegs. (I should have been named Peggy! Hehe.)

Unlike most brides, I am not so much into the "no-makeup makeup" look.  I still want the makeup to be very simple, but I like my eyes emphasized.  Just like Kim Kardashian's.

For the hair, I am never tying my tresses in a bun!  I have full cheeks, and looking like a lollipop on the altar is the last thing I'm gonna permit. =D I will wear my hair down, against all odds!

If I'm not mistaken, I have already tried this kind of hair and makeup before when we did a shoot for one Belo Essentials TV commercial (see here, extra lang ako =p).  Hmm, I looked like myself naman, so pasado! :)

Remember, makeup is supposed to enhance our natural beauty, not to create a whole new face.  We must only allow cosmetics to enhance the features God blessed us with, not to change them.  Brides-to-be must watch out for this when they sit down for a trial with the artist they're considering to get.  The artist must be able to bring out the most beautiful version of ourselves,  not an extraordinarily stunning version of somebody whom people won't recognize.  When you walk down the aisle, the last thing you wanna hear is people whispering, "Siya ba yan?" =D  


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