Friday, March 30, 2012

Excited About Our E-Session! :)

Our e-session is just around the corner and I’m already feeling ants in my pants!!!

For those who have no idea what I’m talking about, e-session is short for engagement session, a photo shoot done by soon-to-wed couples. Others call it prenup pictorial.  *wink*

Our shoot is scheduled on April 9, less than a fortnight from today. I am super excited, obviously. =D  If you know me, you know too that by this time, everything has already been set.

  • Photo/Video Teams - CHECK! :)
  • Venue Permits - CHECK! :)
  • Hair & Makeup Artists - CHECK! :)
  • Wardrobe - CHECK! :)
  • Props - CHECK! :)

Before I jump into any endeavor, I almost always know how I want things to happen.  So as usual, I have my trusty PEGS! =D  I organized them into 3 themes, each with a different look and feel.

THEME 1:  "All Things Bright & Beautiful."
Setting: Picnic / Park
Mood & Tone:  FUUUN! Full of vibrant colors! :)
Remark: Can you guess whose idea is this? Obviously, it's MINE. =D

THEME 2:  "Graceful Elegance."
Setting: Indoor
Mood & Tone:  Dreamy. 
Remark:  Not sure if I can pull this off. I find it challenging to pose without saying CHEESE! =)) My teeth are camera whores and they hate to hide in photos!

THEME 3:  "Ready for Battle!"

Setting: Open field.
Mood & Tone:  Fun na Asteeeg. =D
Remark:  Needless to say, this is the "Rolly theme." A sucker for war books and films, he'll definitely enjoy being photographed in fatigue uniform. :)


Caaaaan't wait! We're doing the session in two venues: 1) in UP Diliman, our Alma Mater; and 2) in Ninyo Fusion where Rolly proposed. :)  Hope it won't rain!  Please help us pray for a fine weather on April 9. Thaaaaanks! :)


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