Friday, March 2, 2012

Honeymoon Flight: BOOKED!

Sometime in September last year, I posted an entry on our possible honeymoon destinations, namely:  Beijing, Bali, Seoul, or Bangkok.  After five months, we have finally decided.  BEIJING, HERE WE COME! 

Our flights have already been booked, and we will be staying in the capital of the People's Republic Of China for five full days, from November 11 to 16.  That should be long enough for us to explore the place. We're honeymooning immediately after the wedding week so we could file our leave for two weeks straight.  :)  We also want to be alone for a while in our very first days together as a married couple before we head back to our normally hectic daily life at work. :)

Weeee!  I'm excited!  November is winter time in China, and I don't know how I'd be able to survive the cold.  Will there be snow?  It's very likely, though they say that sometimes the snow only falls beginning December. Sana sana sana.  I don't wanna freeze to death.  Besides, I wanna see the Great Wall stripped of ice.

I'll post our itinerary here as soon as we've finalized it.  We're still deciding whether to do the tour on our own, or to hire a travel agency's services.  We'll see. :)


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