Thursday, March 15, 2012

Hotel for Wedding Preps: BOOKED!

In our hunt for the hotel where we’ll do the wedding preps, I had only two criteria:
  1. Proximity to the church 
  2. A photogenic staircase 

The first one is a no-brainer. No bride wants to be late in her own wedding. :)

The second one is just really my preference. I always find my jaw drop in awe whenever I see photos of brides descending a marvelous staircase as they head to the ceremony venue. I had always felt that I want the same when the time comes that I tie the knot. 

With criterion #2, I bet your top-of-mind hotel is just the same as mine. Can any other hotel beat Makati Shangri-La's flight of steps?  I don't think so. Shang's staircase is beyond grand!

The sad part is, Makati Shang only fulfills one of the two criteria. It is located in Ayala corner Makati Avenue, and that’s too far from Greenmeadows where Christ the King is. I don’t wanna risk getting caught in hellish traffic and make my groom ultra nervous while waiting for me. There's a NO-STRESS rule on our big day! =D What's more, Shang’s room rates are as “grand” as its staircase. =D Their smallest and most inexpensive room already costs as much as a big premiere suite in others!

Therefore, ERASE ERASE ERASE! No more daydreaming of Shangri-La. =D

In an attempt to fulfill the first criterion which was for us the more important one, we listed down some hotels in Pasig and Eastwood. Our roll included Crowne Plaza, Linden Suites, Holiday Inn, and Eastwood Richmonde.

Then it was time to inquire where this photogenic staircase of mine could be found.

Research, research, research.

And pooof! 
Eastwood Richmonde has it! 

Admittedly, this staircase pales in comparison to Shangri-La's, but that's okay. It's still very photogenic to me. Besides, Eastwood Richmonde is just a stone's throw away from Christ the King, which means the hotel satisfies not just one but our two deciding factors. :)  Yaaay!

The lobby is very nice too. Our bridesmaids and groomsmen will be lurking here as they wait for us for the
pre-ceremony photo op.

Immediately after our ocular visit, Rolly and I were already in agreement that this was the hotel that's perfect for us.  It's still a bit pricey (but definitely not as steep as the rooms in Shangri-La!) but the rates were still within our budget.  Not too mention that the hotel rooms here are very modern and spacious, and they don't charge extra for lobby pictorials.  They also allow bringing in food, which is a big plus point since you can't expect us to feed our suppliers with hotel meals with golden price tags.

We booked a One-Bedroom Deluxe Suite for me and a Deluxe Room for Rolly.  The suite is big enough for all our wedding suppliers who will be hanging around with me as I prepare, like the hair and makeup artists, photographers and videographers, my gown designer, and coordinator, to name a few.  

Yaaaay! Inch by inch, we're already getting somewhere!  We have less than 8 months to go before the big day, and I'm happy that our hotel for wedding preps can now be scored out of our wedding checklist. :)


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