Sunday, March 18, 2012

My First Ever Longganisa :)

For someone who had never worked in the kitchen from the day she was born 'til she was 26, I insist that seemingly nonsense photos like the one you'll see below are worth posting. =P Haha.

Presenting my first ever longganisa! :) :) :)

They look cute, di ba? =D  I was slightly anxious before I sank my teeth into one of them because I wasn't sure if I cooked it the right way.  I just relied on how I remembered mommy doing it.  But after my first bite, I sighed in relief!  It tasted exactly like mom's! =D Yaaaay!

The list of things that I can cook is now getting longer! Haaay, dahil 'to sa request ni hubby-to-be eh. :)  More firsts to come!


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