Sunday, March 18, 2012

Our Isaw Date at BF Almanza

Once a month, I am "required" to drive down south for a date with Rolly instead of him going up north.  And whenever I do, we normally go to this isaw place at BF Almanza which he introduced to me last year.  I always called it "isaw place" coz I never knew what its name was and I didn't bother asking.   That was until this afternoon when I saw a little cardboard where "Mang Raul's BBQ" was hand-written. :)

So, si Mang Raul pala ang may-ari nung sikat na isawan.  From now on, I wouldn't call it isaw place anymore. =D

Every time we're headed to Mang Raul's BBQ, we always anticipate the long wait.  The place is forever packed full!  People from all walks of life are hooked on his isaw - there are those who seem to come from socio economic classes A and B and broad C (that's why it's not easy to find a parking spot!), and of course there are also many from SEC D and even E given the very affordable pricing scheme of Mang Raul.  Like us, they are prepared to wait for looooong minutes (yes it could even reach an hour or so during peak times) in line just to have a chance to devour the really delectable "grilled chicken/pig intestines" which the place is so popular for. (Errrr, the "grilled chicken/pig intestines" phrase does sound gross, haha. But this is how wikipedia calls "isaw" in english. =D)

The ordering system is like this:  Upon arriving at the place, you'll be given a platter.  This is where you'll put the sticks of barbecue/isaw/hotdog/adidas,etc. you're ordering.  When you're done, they'll give you a small carton with a hand-written number.  You have to wait for that number to be called so you'll know your order is ready. I'm pretty sure that by time they call you, you're already trembling in hunger. Hehe. So bear this in mind: go to Mang Raul's only if and when you're not famished, otherwise, I swear you're gonna pass out in hunger before you're served. =D And if you're maarte and can't live without airconditioning, Mang Raul's BBQ is not for you.  There is no AC here, and it can really get hot inside.  You can stay outside where there are tables and chairs too, but be prepared to draw in a mass of smoke. =D Kung hindi mo pa rin kaya, just send your yaya to get your isaw for you. Hmp.


INSTAGRAMMED:  I was still HAPPY here. =D

INSTAGRAMMED:  Dito hindi na. =[ Tagaaaal kasi, I was already hungry.

Even with the abovementioned inconveniences, for Rolly and me, Mang Raul's is "the place to be" (haha, corny!) if delicious isaw is what you're after. Perhaps it's even comparable to UP Diliman's isawan joints  which I never got to try by the way. I didn't eat isaw during my college days because I regarded it as dirty and yucky. =D Maarte pa ako nun! =D Hehe. So for purposes of comparison, UPD should be our next isaw stop. :) 

Dahil nabusog na kami, umuwi na kami! :)) That's Rolly as he bid goodbye. :(
The traffic light was red, so I had time to roll down my car's windows and take the shot. =D 


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