Saturday, March 24, 2012

Our Wedding Color Palette

One of the very first things we pondered on when we started planning for the wedding was the color motif.  It's important for the elements to look unified and cohesive, and all brides are aware that a color palette is key in achieving this.

Most people who know me know as well that I love all things pink.  I've been drawn to this color for as long as I can remember, and it is but expected that pink shall be my wedding color. :) My next question to myself was: what other color must I combine pink with?

As usual, I did a lot of research, and the site The Perfect Palette was a huge help to me.  Here's a warning though before you click the link: The color schemes in the site could get a bit overwhelming for there are too many beautiful combos to choose from.  I myself had a hard time fixating my attention on just one. =D  Some of my options were the following:




The first two palettes above are really pretty and are easy on the eyes.  The colors are soft and romantic.  The third one is gorgeous too, but I am not a fan of red, especially since this color makes one look heavy (my bridesmaids wouldn't want that!). :)

I was almost close to choosing one from the three above, but I felt that something was missing.  My friends know that I am a fan of vivid and bright colors, and on our wedding, I want to see things pop on the photos. :)  
Hmm, isip isip isip.  Then I saw this.   


The colors are bold and vibrant, but at the same time romantic.  Plus, blue is the color Rolly likes most, so our palette is technically a combination of both our favorite colors. Perfect!  Finally, the decision was made. :)

We will be carefully planning the blend of this color combo depending on the wedding elements they will be applied to.  For example, the bridesmaids' dresses will be fuchsia, those of the ninangs' will be navy, and all their bouquets will be predominantly blush pink.  At the reception, most decors and linens will be blush pink, since the members of the entourage would be in vivid colors already. I don't want everything to look overly matchy-matchy!

There are many considerations in choosing your wedding colors, and most couples usually ask for the popular color trends. For Rolly and me obviously, it was a different story.  We just let our own imagination (and feelings!) guide us, while also taking into consideration the inputs of our families. Fortunately, they approved of fushcia-blush pink-navy too! Woohoo! :)


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