Monday, April 16, 2012

Ang Pamamanhikan

Yesterday marked a very special occasion for Rolly and me. It was the day when his family formally met mine. Pamamanhikan – as how we Filipinos call it.

I woke up very early yesterday with a mixed feeling of excitement and anxiety. I was excited because I couldn’t wait for his parents to finally see where I come from, what my family’s like. I was anxious because I didn’t know what to expect. What were they and my parents gonna discuss? Would they agree or disagree on certain things? 

From the south end of Metro Manila, Rolly, with his parents and older brother, drove for 3 hours to San Miguel, Bulacan, the place where probinsyana Joycee grew up. All the restlessness that I was feeling disappeared the moment the family stepped out of the car, with my mom and dad eagerly welcoming them to our humble abode. And it wasn’t only my parents, practically all my titas who live in the same compound were there too. 

Rolly’s parents brought food, as is the tradition, and my mom also prepared some. Put together, ang dami naming pagkain! Parang may birthday lang! Haha. Everyone was introduced to each other, and the mood was all light and happy. As usual, Papa, Rolly’s dad, was very funny, cracking jokes here and there, na sinabayan naman ng daddy ko. Hehe. Masaya lang kaming lahat. :) 

L-R:  Me, Rolly, Daddy (mine), Papa (Rolly's), Mommy (Mine), Mama (Rolly's), Kuya Rolan (Rolly's brother)

After the big lunch and loads of kwentuhan, we headed to the living room, where Rolly’s mom mentioned about their “agenda.” I kind of panicked when I heard the word, coz I didn’t know what this agenda was besides them getting to know my entire family. And Rolly didn’t mention anything to me beforehand. The room went quiet for a millisecond. Hmm. Then my fiancé spoke, addressing mommy and daddy. 

“We know it’s going to happen in November, but we came here to seek for your blessing as I ask for your daughter’s hand in marriage. Hindi po sya uuwi sa inyo na umiiyak, because I promise that I will take care of her as you have.” 

Aaaaaaw, my heart melted! I didn’t expect that there was something like that anymore, because it was already understood that my family gave us their blessing the moment we started wedding planning. Yun pala, may ganito-ganito pa. Hahaha. Though I’ve known from the start that he’ll take care of me forever, I realized that it’s a different feeling when he’s saying it to your parents in front of you and his own parents. Nakaka-touch. I wanted to hug him right then and there, but this mushy-mushy feeling (mushy-mushy whaaat? Hehe) was interrupted when my mom gave her answer. Mommy said, “Thankful ako kay Lord na ikaw ang binigay nya sa anak ko.” She even told everyone there that even when we were still new, like we were only months into the relationship, I already told her that I had a feeling he’s the one. Hahaha, binuking pa ako ni mommy, nakakahiya. But it’s true. I knew he was the one. He was the one I asked God to give me.

The seriousness of the “agenda” was made light when the folks started talking about babies. My future father-in-law said that a month after the wedding, there should already be a baby in my tummy! Waaaah. Na-pressure naman ako! Bahala na si God. Whatever happens, we would be happy. :) 

April 15 ended with a smile on everyone’s face, but  Rolly and I were the happiest. It’s a wonderful feeling to know that our families approve of our union, and that we will have their support every step of the way. We’ve been blessed with very good parents, people whom we will try to be like as we build a family of our own. With their guidance, second to God’s, we’re sure we’ll be on the right track as we adjust into being husband and wife, and as parents too, sooner or later.

With the dads :)
With the moms :)
Got our parents' blessing! =D

Thank You Lord for this great Family Day Sunday! :)

P.S. Rolly's tweets yesterday. =D *kilig*  =P



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