Friday, April 6, 2012

The Gift of Lifelong Memories

As you may have read in one of my previous posts, there's this ongoing battle inside my head on having (or not having) a bridal registry.  Surely, this would make guests' lives easy, but I don't wanna give the impression that material gifts are necessary, because they aren't.  We shall be inviting chosen guests for the only reason that they are special to Rolly and me, and we want them to witness our exchange of "I dos", that's all.

I shared this thought with a friend one day, but she insisted that we should at least have one.  She said, "Some might ask you what gifts you would prefer. Would you tell them 'Kahit ano.'? At least point them somewhere and spare them the hassle of racking their brains just to guess what you'd be happy to receive." 

Gets ko naman eh. =/  Hindi lang talaga ako excited maka-receive ng pots and pans or other household items which we can buy on our own. =/


I was browsing the world wide web yesterday and I came across this post from talking about the "Honeymoon Fund," a variation of a wedding registry. I immediately hit Google to research further on it.  I learned that:

  • "Honeyfund" and other honeymoon registries are an alternative to the traditional store registry, designed so that friends and family can purchase a portion of the honeymoon as a wedding gift.  
  • Instead of listing an assortment of furniture and housewares as you would in a typical registry, the honeyfund enumerates the different activities that the couple intends to engage in their honeymoon such as gondola rides, a romantic dinner for two, and the like.

Here's one sample of a Honeyfund registry:

The concept sounds really appealing!  After all, a trip to our chosen destination is far more exciting than a new oven toaster from SM Department Store. =D  And for Rolly and me, experiences are much more valuable that material possessions.  The gift of lifelong honeymoon memories is something we would appreciate forever.  Honeyfund simply seems perfect! :)

As you would expect, I immediately created one for us, especially after I read this statement from The Wall Street Journal: "'A honeymoon is a perfectly appropriate gift to request,' says Peter Post, president of the Emily Post Institute, a Burlington, Vt., etiquette think tank. 'There's no objection to it from an etiquette point of view.'" 

Yaaaay!  I generated a link and posted it on our wedding website.  Now when somebody asks us what gift we'd prefer, we wouldn't have to answer "Kahit ano." We'd just point them to our site with the Honeyfund link on the "Registries" tab.  There, they would also see a note from us saying that our guests' presence is one we can't celebrate without.  A contribution to our honeymoon would be very much appreciated, but it is NOT a requirement and should be the last thing guests have to worry about. :)  



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