Thursday, April 5, 2012

How Do You Love Me? Let Me Count The Ways.

If you're familiar with Elizabeth Barrett Browning's Sonnet 43, you know that this post is a spin-off. :)  However, instead of me counting the ways I love God, I will do the opposite.  God has shown His love for me in innumerable ways, and I know that I will lose count if I ever try to remember them all.  Let me at least name just a few off the top of my head.

How do You love me? Let me count the ways.
  • You let me live.  I know I am just one insignificant dot on the planet, and nothing will change much if I was never born, but You gave me life.  You gave me the chance to experience living.
  • You 'assigned' me to a wonderful family.  We may only live a simple life, but we are happy.  And this family knows You.  They taught me You.
  • You have blessed me with wonderful relationships - with my fiance, with my old friends, and my extended family at work.  There are rifts sometimes, but you've also blessed me with a quick-to-heal heart that just makes the gaps disappear in a snap. :)
  • You have always been there for me. You are there unconditionally.  You give me what I need whether I ask for it or not.  You bless and guide me whether I remember You or not.  There wasn't a time when I asked You to leave me alone, but I bet that even if I did, You will still stay coz you know that I need You.  You never get tired of me. :)
  • You give me tests sometimes, but You never forget to give the answers, too.  All the lessons I need to learn, you teach me.  Being a stubborn child, I sometimes learn Your lessons the hard way, but You're there to give me a POWER HUG at the end of every spanking. :)
  • You always forgive my sins.  I hurt You again and again and again, and You forgive me again and again and again.  I sometimes wonder how You could forgive, when You know for a fact that I will make the same offence sooner or later.  Is that how much You love me? 

Tomorrow is Good Friday.  We will again remember Your dying on the cross to save us.  Thank You Jesus. Thank You for the salvation.  Thank You for Your love.  I wish we could boast of loving You the way You love us, but we cannot.  If I must count the ways I have shown You my love, I might not even use up all the fingers on my hands. :(  But You are there still, making me feel Your presence every single day.  My love may be nothing in comparison to Yours, but please know that I love You, in this little way I know how.  

Your Child,

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