Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My Marshmallow Test

I always thought that passing the Marshmallow Test was easy. Deferred gratification? C’mon, that’s a piece of cake. That was until I myself was given my own lip-smacking marshmallow which I cannot eat just yet. 

My marshmallow? The photos from our super fun engagement shoot last Monday! I’ve been trying so hard not to share any of them until at least 6 months prior to the big day, but here I am, on my way to becoming a flunker. Boo my self-control.

Game, iku-kwento ko na. =D

As shared in one of my previous posts, we wanted our prenup shoot to have three themes: “All Things Bright and Beautiful,” “Graceful Elegance,” and “Ready for Battle.”  Thanks to Nice Print, the plan was executed perfectly. Since my self-restraint is no better than a four-year old's, I am sharing a few photos per set here as I've convinced myself that these are only teasers anyway and the full set will be published as scheduled (Oo na, niloloko ko na ang sarili ko. Hahaha).


Playing with bubbles! :)
Cute, cute shades! :)
Pinwheel! :)
Sweet kiss! *shy*


I super love this beautiful wall! :)
Effort mag-pose nang walang teeth! =P
At the wine cellar

My eyes are unusually round here. =D


We wore fatigue shorts and Chucks. :)
Feeling like a sharp shooter. =P
Kunyari sexy =P
Trying to look astig! =D

Yaaaaaay!  Ang saya-saya! :) I'll be publishing the rest of the shortlisted shots on facebook when the right time comes.  For now, I'm satisfied sharing these. :)  Thanks so much to the very talented Kenneth M. of Nice Print Photography for the shots which exceeded my expectations! Thanks, too, to Mayone Bakunawa for the airbrush makeup which lasted until after the photo session! :)



  1. OMg!!!! I love it sis Joyce!!!! congrats sissy it was perfectly executed!!! fave ko yung all things bright and beautiful and the ready for the battle pero sexyness to the highest level yung graceful elegance! wala na 'em all!!:D

  2. Thanks so much, Anna! :) I suuuuuper love them too kaya di ko mapigilan mag-post kahit konti. Haha. =D

  3. Thanks for sharing this with me JOYCE!
    great blog. perfectly told. :D
    cheers and here's looking forward to your BIG day.
    much love, charisse & your NICE PRINT family :D

    1. Thanks Charisse! :) Getting Nice Print was one of the best decisions we've made during the wedding preps. See you and the team on the big day! :)

  4. You are naturally beautiful, love. NicePrint just captured the best angles. I love you! -

    Your groom and sweetheart forever, Rolly

  5. Nice pics sis Joycee! pretty and handsome kayo ni h2b :D ilang months nalang big day na natin! enjoy the preps! :D

    1. Thanks sis! :) Oo nga eh, time flies so faaaaaast! Malapit na! :)


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