Friday, April 20, 2012

The Turtle and I

Sometimes, bad and sad things just happen no matter how hard we try to prevent them.  Mahirap.  Masakit sa ulo.  Nakakaiyak.  It would have been less awful if you're the sole person affected, but at times, problems are just so huge that it involves too many people, even a whole organization.  :(

I've been very down since yesterday.  Then I received this message from an officemate and friend:

A turtle once said, 
"No matter how heavy my bearings are, it's God's choice to make me
carry the luggage. For it's the only way I will be protected." 
So whatever we have in life, may it be PROBLEM or PAIN, remember that God gave it to us for a PURPOSE.

Now I feel better. :)  I may not be tough, but my Father is.  I am clinging to His promise that things will be better.

With optimism, 

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