Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Save the Date! :)

Mayday! Mayday!  It's the first of May! =D

Today is exactly six months and one week from our day of days! :) According to theknot.com, as a general rule, it's best to start spreading the big day's date to guests around this time (8 months prior for destination weddings).  Notifying them six months before the wedding gives them enough time to ask for a day off from work, or for those who'll be coming from miles away, to book their travel.

Because I'm a compliant bride-to-be, Rolly and I have already started sending out our Save the Date cards to our guests.  We're not having a huge wedding, so all invited guests are really close to us and to our families.  The last thing that we'd want is for any one of them to forget our wedding date. =P

Here's our STD card which I designed. Hehe. ;)

The backdrop behind the caricature is an element from our monogram. :)
The "separator" between ROLLY and JOYCE is an infinity symbol, or a number 8 displayed sideways.

For principal and secondary sponsors as well as members of our entourage, here's the Will-You-Be + Save-the-Date card in one which we already sent out:

There's a considerable headroom on the card for the ribbon. :)

If you already received either of these from us, remember to SAVE THE DATE! :)



  1. wow! i love it!!! :) bet ko yang WYB cards nyo walang atrasan :) hihi

  2. Yay! cute WYB cards sis Joycee :) post ko din sa blog site ko ang samin once I printed them na :)


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