Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Big Day Updates

It's the 12th day of June... 4 months, 3 weeks, and 5 days before the big day to be exact.  =D  I'm pleasantly surprised at how quickly time flies!  November is getting nearer and nearer!  Waaaah! *faints*

I had more than enough time in my hands last weekend, so I finally got myself into writing down a detailed checklist for the wedding.  I started confidently, knowing that we've already accomplished many, but then I eventually realized that there's still a lot of things left to do!  Here's our work-in-progress report as of today:


  • Wedding Rings - Our lovely rings are ready! They're in Rolly's possession now for safekeeping until November.
  • Baptismal and Confirmation Certificates - Our dependable parents took care of these.  :)
  • Missalette - Draft done. :) Rolly and I chose the readings and finalized the liturgical entourage.  It's now awaiting approval by the parish.
  • Engagement Photo Shoot - Super done! :) Sets 1 and 2 are already uploaded on facebook.  Set 3 will be posted on July 8, 4 months before the big day. 
  • Engagement Video Shoot - Done! I've been itching to publish the video since I've gotten hold of it!  It will be posted on August 8, our 4th year anniversary 3 months before the wedding.
  • Guestlist and Table Assignments - Draft done! This will be finalized after we've distributed the invites and all have responded to the RSVP.
  • Save the Date Cards - Done and distributed. ;)
  • Will You Be Cards for Principal Sponsors - Cards done, some are in the hands of the ninongs and ninangs already, others are awaiting meetup schedules.
  • Hotel for Preps - Booked! :)

  • Wedding Gown and Groom's Suit - Our measurements were already taken.  Shell fitting for me is set on July 15, same with the entourage members' measurement taking schedule.
  • CENOMAR - We already requested this from NSO.  For pickup on week 3 of June. :)
  • Wedding Cake - ongoing talks with the cake designer. :)
  • Shoes - My customized shoes are now being produced! I hope they turn out lovely! :)
  • Souvenirs - Awaiting the supplier to present a mock-up for our approval prior to mass production.

  • Marriage Vocation Seminar - This is one church requirement which is scheduled on July 7 and 8 at Christ the King. Rolly and I are super excited about this. :)
  • Detailing with the Caterer - Scheduled on July 14. We have to get this over with so we can proceed to deciding on other things, depending on how our discussion with Hizon's turns out.
  • Detailing with Florist - We'll do this probably in July also.  No schedule yet.
  • Discussion with the Reception Emcee - Trying to schedule this on July 14 as well.
  • List of Songs for the Ceremony and Reception - This I gotta accomplish as soon as possible!
  • Finalize DIY Ideas - We will do a lot of DIY-ing for the wedding, and this is the thing I am most scared about.  I'm far from being creative, period. =\  We'll just be soliciting tips and advice from resourceful and imaginative friends just so the DIY stuff will be completed in good taste. Hehe.

Yaaay!  I'm sure things will go smoothly for us because God is in the center of all this. :)   If other soon-to-wed couples feel stressed with the nitty-gritty of wedding preps, we are not. In fact, Rolly and I are only thrilled to bits, and wedding preps is our ultimate stress reliever.  Weeee! Malapit na malapit na malapit naaaa!

Over the moon,

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