Sunday, August 12, 2012

A Very Special Gift

On my 27th birthday last month, I received a very special gift from Rolly.  It's not the kind of gift he would normally give, so this one took me by surprise.

Rolly gave me a scrapbook which he painstakingly put together on his own!  Whoa!  I know him.  He's not the artsy-artsy type (well, few men are), he's not one who would sit on a corner and pour creative juices to work on mushy little things like this.  But he did.  Imagine my pleasant surprise when he excitedly showed me his handiwork.

This is the book's preface:

And these are some of the pages:

Obviously, my fiance is far from being an artist and he only had his trusty printer to assist him in making this, but I was very much pleased with this extraordinary gift.  I say it's extraordinary because this is more than just our travel book;  Rolly put his heart into this piece of work, and I see and feel that on every single page.

Thank you so much Mahal! :)

The lucky one,

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