Saturday, September 1, 2012

Big Day Updates!

It's the first day of September and our wedding ticker says we only have two months and one week until the big day!

A number of people have asked me how I feel now that it's so near. Honestly, I am at a loss for anything to say. One minute I'd feel very excited, the next hour I'd feel extremely nervous.  It's something I wish I could explain but I can't.  All I know is that regardless of how I feel at any given moment,  my heart and mind are consistent in telling me that it's all positive, that I am a happy bride-to-be. 

Like what Rolly said in his tweet this morning, we are now two calendar page flips away from the wedding day. By now, we have already put a check mark on many of our major things-to-do, but of course, there are still a lot to accomplish.  In summary, here are our Big Day developments: 

  • Church Requirements:  Baptismal & confirmation certificates, CENOMAR, draft missalette, and list of principal sponsors already submitted.  Canonical interview with Fr. Peter done.  Marriage license application done. Request for new copies of NSO birth certificates done. Pending: marriage vocation seminar scheduled on September 15 and 16.
  • Caterer:  Final detailing done.  Awaiting the floor plan once the number of guests is finalized.
  • Invitations:  Done.  For pickup on September 8, distribution to begin immediately thereafter.
  • Wedding Attire:  First fitting done.  Entourage measurements already taken.
  • Souvenirs:  Done!  They're already with Rolly for safekeeping.  I hafta change the box ribbons though.     The ones the supplier used did not pass my standards. =P
  • Reception Program:  Done! :)

Pending Tasks:

  • List of songs:  This I haven't started yet.  =S
  • Florist:  No development. =S I haven't scheduled a detailing yet.  
  • My DIYs:  I have already started but I haven't finished!  I wish I had more creative juices in me.
  • AVP and Guestbook:  We gotta submit photos to Niceprint already!

I guess we're doing okay so far. I'm a bit worried that I won't get to finish all the DIYs, but these are minor things anyway.  Best effort na lang.  

Wish us luck, guys! :)


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