Friday, November 30, 2012

Our Vows

Next to the I Do's, I believe that the moment when wedding vows are said is the second most important part of a wedding ceremony.  At Christ the King, we were blessed to have been allowed to write and say our own vows, besides the standard ones recited in the church.  For Rolly and I, that moment was highly emotional, and it turned out to be one of my wedding day favorites. :)

Since we didn't have the luxury to invite every single one of our friends to the big day, I'm just sharing "the words" here for all the world to see.  If you're reading this, you are now a witness to Rolly's promises to me! Haha. =D


"To my beautiful bride, Joyce... When we met, I told you that you're the greatest gift that God has bestowed on me, and now that we're getting married, here's my chance to show my gratitude - by taking care of you, cherishing every part of you, and loving you unconditionally, all the days of my life.

"We will always be one, because there is no me without you.  My existence wouldn't make sense if you're not part of it.  We will face life's challenges together, and you'll never be alone.  With God's help, I will lead and take charge of our marriage, making sure that we are treading the right path, but know that I am yours to command whenever you need me.

"I will always remain faithful, and I will love no other woman but you.  In the times that I am not in your presence, you don't have to worry about anything because my loyalty stays firm.  I will never do anything to hurt you.

"I will work hard and spare no effort to be a good provider to our family.  I want you to live the convenient life that you deserve.  I will be a great father to our future children, and we will raise and train them well, upholding the same Christian values that we share.

"In as much as I want to excel in every endeavor I pursue, they will never get in the way of my goal of being the perfect husband for you.  I am yours forever, love.  I commit my life to you.  I love you, until I draw my last breath."


"Mahal... We've been together for more than four years, and as I stand here with you, I can't help but remember how I felt when we first met.  I knew you were the one I prayed for from God.  I knew that He sent you because I asked for someone like you, and I was reminded once more of the power of prayer.  You are an amazing compilation of all the qualities I've been looking for, and though no one is perfect, I've found something very close to it in you.  

"Today, I am honoured and humbled to have you as my partner for life.  I eagerly anticipate every day that we will share together, getting to know the man that you will become, with whom I know I'll be falling in love a little more everyday.  I vow to always put you first in my life and to give you the best of me every time.  I promise to love you in the best of times and in the worst, with all that I am and with all I have to give, in the only way I know how --- completely, faithfully, and forever.  I love you... you and no other." 


The vows were long, I know, but that's how eager we were to proclaim our promises before God and our family. These words will always remind us of the love that we felt on the first day of our life together --- the same love that we will nurture as we continue this life-long journey called MARRIAGE. :)

Cheers to forever!

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