Friday, November 2, 2012

The Last Fling Before the Ring

It was a pleasant surprise two Fridays ago, October 19, exactly twenty days before "the ring" permanently seizes my fourth finger. Aptly, my girlfriends called it "The Last Fling Before the Ring." :)

I knew the bridal shower was gonna happen, but I had no idea when.  Days before that Friday, Janina and I even had dinner and she told me it's hard to get a common schedule among her and my other girlfriends, that's why it was difficult to finally set the party.  Oh well, I thought, that's fine.  We had plenty of remaining days anyway.  

That Friday, Jan asked me if I could join her in a client meeting (she's a part-time wedding coordinator) for support.  It was the first time ever that she asked me for such a favor, and of course I agreed.  I never had an inkling that she's bringing me somewhere else.  When she told me the meeting would be at a hotel, at first I wondered why.  Normally, meetings are done inside restaurants or perhaps in the client's house. But at a hotel? Hmm. For a millisecond, I thought there might be something going on.  But that hunch went away immediately after I told myself that Janina never kept the bridal shower plans from me anyway.  Why hide it then?  

Imagine my surprise when I entered the hotel room and saw this.

And all my girlfriends (Carlie included) were there!!!

I felt sooo happy!  I have the most awesome buddies in the world!!! :)  The evening was filled with crazy fun.  We had booze, food, games, and shockers!

via Instagram
via Instagram

My husband-to-be was a surprise guest of honor.  I didn't know that he was coming for he made it sound like he was already home when he called me.  While I was blindfolded, I even thought that a male stripper was waiting for me as soon as I opened my eyes!  I kicked and yelled, and when I heard the guy whisper, I knew it was not a stripper after all.  Only one voice could make my heart skip a beat like that.  I knew it was my Rolly. *kilig*  He stayed for only about ten minutes.  He just gave me flowers and said a sweet, sweet message for my friends to hear.  (Kinilig pa nga si Carlie! Haha).  Oh well, I was sorry he had to leave.  That's my bridal shower, and technically, he should be off-limits. :)

After all the games and laughter, another shocker bolted from the blue.  I was blindfolded once again;  I thought I heard them setting up the iPad and the TV speakers.  Naisip ko, baka message from mommy and daddy, or from my other friends.  I waited and waited.  When my blindfold was taken off, oh my God!  There was a half-naked man gyrating lewdly in front of me!  

Of course there were no photos!  Haha. But I was really shocked!  At first, I got scared that he might move too close to me or force me to touch his uhm, you-know-what.  But after Carlie told me it would be okay and that the stripper was instructed not to do such things, I found myself calming down.  It was all good.  That was my first time seeing a real macho dancer!  We were all shouting and running and laughing.  It was fun!!! But the person who had the best time was... surprise suprise, CARLIE! =)) ROTFL

I'd like to thank my friends again for this really wonderful night.  Janina, Cess, Nikki, JJ, Ms. Lerms, Joie, Jam, Carlie, Ate My. and Ate Shirl, I love youuuu!  I wouldn't have experienced this if not because of you guys.  You are awesome!!!

Getting married very soon,

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