Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Our First Merry Little Christmas

Why was this Christmas extra special? 

Because it’s our first as husband and wife! Weeeee!  *BIG SMILE!*

Coming from two families which are both tight-knit, Rolly and I had to plan which part of the Christmas holidays should be spent with his folks and which should be with mine. We decided to be with his family on Christmas eve for Noche Buena, and Christmas Day was with my family. 

On our way to Bulacan, my hometown. :) Ang pogi ng driver ko no? ;) #LoveYourOwn
In sunny yellow! =D

One thing that we will surely do in all Christmases to come: be in terno clothes! This year we were in yellow. Next year kaya?

Oh well, it’s so nice to finally spend this special day with a hubby. :) And now that we’re married, it was expected that all our titos and titas asked us this one question:
“When is the baby coming?” 
Waaah, talk about pressure! But who knows? Maybe I will already be carrying a chinito little Rolly or a chubby little Joycee next Christmas! We’ll see. ;)


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