Tuesday, June 25, 2013

New Toys

Who’s on cloud 9???


Because my sweet, sweet hubby got me my birthday wish – a handy dandy electric mixer for all the beating and mixing needs of this amateur baker here! Yippeee! :)

Isn't she gorgeous? Her name's Missy. MISSY THE MIXER. =D

On top of Missy, I got these other baking tools!  I now have an oven thermometer, round and square pans, pastry bags with tips of different shapes, a smoother and decorating comb, plastic scrapers, a cooling rack, measuring cups and spoons, greasing brushes, and of course an oven thermometer.  I'm a very happy baking wifey!!! *big, big grin!*

I didn't name each of them anymore. Hehe. =D

I am very blessed to have married someone who supports me in things that I want to do, despite the gastos sometimes. =P  Thank you, lovey!  Promise, I'll try to be really good here so that you'll be proud of me. :)

Now that my stuff are almost complete, I am ready! I'm super excited to bake already! :)

Baking wifey,

My Newfound Interest: BAKING!

They say the fastest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. If this were true, then perhaps my mom never wanted any guy to like me, because she has always made me stay out of the kitchen growing up. Hehe. Seriously, I did not know anything concerning pots and pans before I got married. I only knew how to eat, but I had zero knowledge in cooking. Imagine how huge a jump it was for me the moment I became a wife. But much to my surprise, I’ve started to like kitchen stuff! Really! Oh well, maybe it’s plainly because I want to be a good wifey so that my husband is happy (mushy alert!).

At the onset of the year, two of the items I wrote in my goals list had something to do with the kitchen. One is to learn at least 10 ulam dishes in 2013, and the other is to learn how to bake muffins per Rolly’s request. I’ve already made progress in my first goal, now knowing how to cook 5 out of 10 ulams! Hehe. For my second goal, on the other hand, I regret having started late for I didn't expect how fun baking would be! I only discovered this after my friend JJ enrolled me in a cake baking class for beginners.

The 2-session course was held at RFM’s Baking & Culinary Center in Pioneer. There was a lecture at the beginning where we were told that “baking is an exact science.” It’s not like other kinds of cooking where one estimates how much of an ingredient to put in the dish. When I heard that, I knew baking is for me. Hindi kasi ako marunong mag-tantya. Whenever I bug my friends for recipes, I always want them to dictate the exact amount of soy sauce, for example, to put in my adobo. Hehe. So hurray hurray sa baking

These are some photos taken on our second session when we got to bake and design our own cakes!

JJ and Joycee

I operated an oven for the first time! Haha. :)  I'm holding a "cake comb" on the second photo.
the chiffon cake's BEFORE and AFTER.
My teammates and our kiddie cake! :D
I finished the course! Yaaaay! :)

Words can't express how much I enjoyed our baking class! As in super duper trooper! I can’t wait to move on to the advanced course, and perhaps Cake Decorating classes after that. For now, I need to PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE until I can bake even with my eyes closed. Hahaha. Expect a lot of cake-posts here from now on. :)

Pastry chef in the making,

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