Tuesday, June 25, 2013

New Toys

Who’s on cloud 9???


Because my sweet, sweet hubby got me my birthday wish – a handy dandy electric mixer for all the beating and mixing needs of this amateur baker here! Yippeee! :)

Isn't she gorgeous? Her name's Missy. MISSY THE MIXER. =D

On top of Missy, I got these other baking tools!  I now have an oven thermometer, round and square pans, pastry bags with tips of different shapes, a smoother and decorating comb, plastic scrapers, a cooling rack, measuring cups and spoons, greasing brushes, and of course an oven thermometer.  I'm a very happy baking wifey!!! *big, big grin!*

I didn't name each of them anymore. Hehe. =D

I am very blessed to have married someone who supports me in things that I want to do, despite the gastos sometimes. =P  Thank you, lovey!  Promise, I'll try to be really good here so that you'll be proud of me. :)

Now that my stuff are almost complete, I am ready! I'm super excited to bake already! :)

Baking wifey,

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