Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Project Brownies

June 22nd. It was Day 1 of my “baking life” outside of our baking classes. Hehe. My project: BROWNIES. Don’t laugh. I know this is pretty easy, I’ve been told that countless times. But as a first timer, I was kinda nervous, especially because it would be my first attempt at operating my kitchen oven, one that’s very different from the ovens we used in class.

I enjoyed mixing the batter.  I started doing it with my bare hands, but I got tired after a while, so I sought help from my kitchen mixer named Missy. :)  This was how the mixture looked after Missy laid her tough hands on it.

And after baking it for 25mins under a 350-degree (F) temperature, voila!  There goes my first ever brownies!

It’s really true, brownie-baking is child’s play! And I felt good after overcoming my intimidation of the oven. Haha. Hurray hurray! :) This will do for now, but next time I will already add toppings to jazz up the brownies so that they wouldn't look too sad and dark. =D Hehe.



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