Saturday, September 14, 2013

A Husband That Prays

When praying to God for a partner, what qualities do you wish the person has? For many girls perhaps, myself included, a guy is considered “desirable” if:
  1. he’s physically attractive (Admit this, girls! :) But of course this is subjective);
  2. he’s got something good in between his ears, in other words, he's smart;
  3. he’s nice and sweet and can make the butterflies in your stomach flutter (hmm, not sure if this applies to all or if it’s just me =P); and
  4. he’s responsible and can be a good provider just in case you end up at the altar.  

Luckily for me, I've found someone with these qualities (and more!) in the man I've decided to spend forever with. However, it’s only after we got married and lived under one roof and really got to know each other in a deeper level that other traits or habits have appeared to be very important too. Luckily for me again, though my husband is far from being perfect, he's got the things I've discovered are essential in a marriage. To mention one, 
my husband is one who prays.  

Like what I wrote in a previous entry, Rolly and I pray together at night before we catch our Z's.  And in these prayers, he's the one who leads.  There are times when I would forget and I'd already go under my blanket, but my husband never does.  He would tell me, "Hal, we still haven't prayed." He'd scoop me up to sit and then we would start.  Our prayers are never "formal" though.  It's always as if we're only talking to my dad or his dad, saying our Thank You's and petitions aloud, so that I could hear his prayer and he could hear mine.

Perhaps you might be thinking, why make a big fuss out of praying? What's important is that the person believes in God and he does what's right.  True, but it is more than that to me.  You see, my husband doesn't only pray.  He prays with me.  And when we do, it's more than just simply sitting beside each other and saying words together. When he prays with me, he gives me an intimate glimpse into his heart, into his soul.  He allows me to hear the things he is most thankful for and he ushers me to learn about the deepest desires of his heart.  And this is vice versa.  To me, there's a certain level of intimacy that is achieved when praying as a couple.  It's different.  I feel like we are closer, we are more honest to each other, and we are one.  The bond is stronger, because God's hand holds it.

If you are married and you wish to grow closer to your spouse, I hope you try doing this, too. Rolly and I are far from being religious and it's not like our prayers are long and tedious.  It only takes about five minutes for us, as a matter of fact.  But these few minutes are worth it.  You'll see. ;)


"A man who is intimate with God 
will never be intimidated by men." 
~ Leonard Ravenhill


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