Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Odd = Bad? I Don't Think So.

Every person is unique.  Many may have similarities, but it's impossible for two people to be exactly alike. Heck, even identical twins have differences, and that is God's design. :)  All of us are aware of that, aren't we? However, why do we tend to dislike someone who is totally different from the way we are?  "Dislike" may not even be the right word for some, it could go as far as "hate."  And this is sad.  Very sad.

I myself am guilty of this sometimes. I may not be among the ones who hate, but there are moments when I feel aversion and disapproval towards something someone does.  I am very sure that I do not detest the person, but I am not a fan of his/her odd ways either.  To a certain degree, I could understand why others have a strong dislike towards him/her.  Sigh.  Most times, I am caught in the middle.  Who do I choose? The people who are similar to me or the person who's alone and peculiar?  Tough.

During my personal quiet moments like right now, I stop and think and imagine what Jesus would do.  I am not trying to sound righteous here, okay?  What I am making an attempt at is in eliminating all my biases and judgment.  The person I am talking about is different from most of us, that's a fact.  But it's also true that s/he is a good person deep inside, and I myself can attest to this.  S/he does things without malice, without the desire to hurt.  People may not understand his/her manners, but that's the the way s/he is, that's they way s/he was brought up, that's the way God wired him/her to be.  Perhaps I should always put this in my head whenever I'd start feeling all negative. And I think it's about time to stop thinking that s/he's different in a bad way.  S/he's different, period. Like I said, every person is unique anyway.  I myself am different, and it ends there. Perhaps we can start throwing the person a positive light from now on?  Stop anticipating all the displeasing antics.  Let's expect him/her to do good, and for sure, s/he will. :)


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