Sunday, November 24, 2013

One Year Down!

"There is no more lovely, friendly, and charming relationship, communion, or company 
than a good marriage."
~ Martin Luther

The statement is nothing short of true.  And this month, Rolly and I are celebrating the very first year of one good marriage.  Woohoo! Happy anniversary, my love!

In celebration of Year One, my husband and I thought of reliving a few milestones...

Stop 1:  UP Diliman, where Rolly and I first met.

our Alma Mater
It was one fine day in May at the FC Steps.  This chinito guy shook my hand and said, "It's nice to finally meet you." Hihi.  I still find myself giddy even after half a decade, geez!  Just a brief background: Rolly was an officemate of my UP blockmate Precious.  The latter hooked us up at that time when both Rolly ad I were partner-less.  She's in the States now so I couldn't personally hug her to say thank you all over again. 

We didn't eat at Rodic's on our first date, but we stopped by because we missed its famous tapsilog! =D

Stop 2:  Eastwood Richmonde Hotel, where we spent the night before and on the wedding day.

This time, we didn't book an expensive suite. =D
This place will always be memorable.  Obviously, it will forever appear on our wedding preps photos like these below! :)
Rolly and I with our courts at the hotel before going to church :)

Since we weren't able to book a trip for our anniversary, we just stayed overnight at the hotel for some R&R.
Oh yes, R&R included a visit to the hotel's gym. *frowns*
It was a good thing there's TV, I got to catch The Buzz while Rolly worked on the muscle machine. =D

Stop 3:  Christ the King Parish, Greenmeadows, where we exchanged vows.

CTK's altar is one of the most photogenic in the country! :)
We attended mass at the chapel of Padre Pio near Eastwood, but of course we wouldn't let the weekend pass without dropping by the church closest to our hearts.  Christ the King was a witness to our big day - the flood of emotions, the overflowing love and happiness that the two of us felt, the tears of joy that were shed. We love this place!  Though Greenmeadows is far from where we live, we know we will definitely keep coming back. Who knows, we might be renewing our vows here two or three decades from now! ;)


And that wraps up our very simple anniversary weekend.  But more than the quality time spent, I guess our most important takeaway from the celebration is our "SWOT" talk.  It wasn't really a convo about strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (hehe); it was more of an assessment of our first year of being married.  We told each other our feelings, the good things and the bad, things we could improve on in our daily lives, our dreams, et cetera.  Rolly and I believe that marriage is hard work, that's why we feel that discussing things like these and working on stuff which need to be worked on are essential.  We plan to make this discussion a regular part of our annual wedding celebration. Kung may "BR" as in business review, meron ding "MR" as in marriage review. ;)


PAHABOL: This was taken on our actual anniversary night, November 8 Friday, at Yabu. :)



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