Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014's Top Three

Today is December 31.  In just a few hours, the clock will strike twelve, and 2014 will already have passed.  But before that happens, let me spend some time writing about the top 3 highlights of my bestest year so far. :)

1.  My HK-Macau Valentine Trip with Hubby.  Of course we've already been to Hong Kong before but it was our first time in Macau! :)  My favorites include our visit to St. Paul's Ruins and our private gondola ride at The Venetian.  
I was looking for my blog entry about this trip so I could link it here, but I realized I wasn't able to write anything at all! :(

2. Our Tokyo Travel.  The best part?  Cherry blossoms and Hachiko! :)  And needless to say, the company of my darling officemates and friends! I would also have included Tokyo Disneysea if not for the horrendous queues we had to endure just to experience the rides. 
The nest time I'll be flying to Japan, it's going to be hubby already! :)

3.  God Granting #DreamNumber1.  Nothing could beat this, our most awaited blessing has come, and she's now rapidly growing in my tummy.  Thank You Lord for this sweet gift of life! :)
Little Munchkin and I are already 25 weeks along today! :)

These are only my top 3, but God has showered me and Rolly with countless other blessings this year! He's really the best, answering our prayers in the most perfect time, and giving us many other things we never even knew we needed or wanted.  I can only look forward to 2015 with a big smile on my face, knowing fully well that it will be another wonderful year.  Maraming salamat po, Panginoon!  Sa lahat lahat lahat. :)


Our 3rd Merry Little Christmas

This year, we have received the sweetest Christmas present! :)  Thank You Lord!
We can't wait to 'unwrap' her come April!  Merry Christmas everyone! :)

I had to crop the photo this way because my body screams "FAT!" all over!  Hehe.


Saturday, December 27, 2014

Daddy Milestone

Dear baby doll,

You and daddy have a shared milestone today! :) His hands were on my tummy and he felt you move for the first time!  Hooray! :)

You know I've been feeling your somersaults for quite some time now, but your dad never had until this afternoon. We were wondering when you would let him feel you, and today you did.  We were inside the cinema watching a movie when it happened.  We're so happy!  Thank you for the kick, baby doll.  Keep them coming, you're making your daddy feel giddy with excitement.  :)

We love you!  Up to the moon and back! :)

Your mommy,

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Baby Essentials

The year is almost over;  Rolly and I are about to get to the happiest chapter of our lives as we meet our precious little munchkin come April 2015.  I know it's still a few months to go, but I've already started thinking about the list of baby stuff that we need to buy or register for (especially since many of my friends have been telling me to write down a wishlist so they don't have to rack their brains guessing). :)

Been researching for newborn checklists for days, and I found the one from the most helpful and the least overwhelming.  I rearranged the list in order of priority, and added a few other wishes for our baby doll. I'll be updating this entry from time to time to cross out the ones we've already bought or received. :)

  • 12 tie-sides (so I won't have to pull shirts over baby's frail little head) [I already have 6!]
  • 6 short-sleeved shirts (the ones that open from the front)  [Got these already at Baby Company's Grand Baby Fair! :)]
  • 4-6 receiving/swaddling blankets  
  • 6 pairs mittens 
  • 4 caps [Got these already at Baby Company's Grand Baby Fair! :)]
  • 4-6 pairs socks [Got these already at Baby Company's Grand Baby Fair! :)]
  • 4-6 pajama sets/frog suits (those that open up around the nappy area)
  • At least 5 dozen newborn diapers (disposable)
  • Cloth diapers

  • electric breast pump [Got these already at Baby Company's Grand Baby Fair! :)]
  • nursing pillow [Done!  From the Baby Fair also! :)]
  • nursing cover
  • sterilizer [Consider this done! My friend JJ's gift :)]
  • bottle rack
  • 6-8 4 oz. BPA-free bottles (Pigeon) [Already have 3!]
  • 6-8 8 oz. BPA-free bottles (Pigeon)  [Already have 3!]
  • bottle brush [Got one from the Baby Fair!]
  • sterilizing tongs
  • nursing pads
  • nipple cream
  • milk bags for storage
I browsed many product reviews, and moms say Pigeon bottles and nipples are better than Avent's.
The teats are especially ultra soft and flexible, which babies like. :)

  • crib [We already bought this from Baby Company! Size is 24x48.]
  • crib toys, mobile
  • bassinet / moses basket (I super like The First Years' Close & Secure sleeper whose photo appears below. It's sold at Baby Company!)
  • changing table
  • baby monitor
  • diaper stacker
  • clothes hamper
  • mosquito net

  • 4-6 fitted sheets (size should be the standard 28x52 to match the size of Munchkin's crib mattress)
  • 3 crib blankets (those that are 100% cotton are nice :)
  • 2 crib bumpers
  • 2 pillows and 4 pillow cases
  • 2 bolsters and cases
  • 2 waterproof sheets

  • stroller [Bought this already! We got a red Chicco Simplicity.]
  • stroller pad  [Got this already at Baby Company's Grand Baby Fair! :)]
  • baby carrier (I'd love to have Aprica's Easy Touch carrier in Fitta Red; Ergobaby and Tula are nice, too.)
  • diaper bag [Got this already from Cess! :)]
  • car seat  [Got this already from Mommy & Daddy! :)]
  • changing pad
  • baby wipes
  • insulated bottle keeper

  • 4 hooded towels [I already have 2!]
  • 4 wash cloths
  • newborn to toddler bath tub and bathing support net
  • nail cutter, hairbrush, and comb
  • rubber bath mat
  • 3 canisters/jar sets for small essentials like cotton balls, cotton buds, etc.
  • sponge/mitt
  • basin and dipper

  • digital thermometer
  • nasal aspirator
TOILETRIES (I prefer buying these ourselves so we could scrutinize esp. the product ingredients):
  • baby soap/liquid bath gel [Got these already at Baby Company's Grand Baby Fair! :)]
  • baby shampoo
  • baby oil
  • baby alcohol
  • baby cologne
  • mosquito repellant
  • cotton balls
  • cotton ear buds and nose buds
  • diaper rash ointment


Wow.  I remember saying this list's the least overwhelming but this is still A LOT!  Good thing we have a few month's worth of lead time so we could make sure everything will be complete before munchkin arrives.  :)

(By the way, photos here are all from Google Images. ;))


Friday, December 12, 2014

Munchkin's Congenital Anomaly Scan

Expecting a baby sometimes feels like a roller coaster ride as far as emotions are concerned.  One day you're in cloud 9 as you imagine your sweet pea's stubby fingers and toes and chubby cheeks, the next day you're a bundle of nerves as you fear that there might be a problem with your still unborn child.  

It's a good thing there's CAS or Congenital Anomaly Scan, sometimes also called mid-pregnancy ultrasound scan, offered during the second trimester between weeks 18 and 23.  This scan is more thorough than the usual ultrasound procedure as it takes a closer look at the baby and the uterus.  For worrywart moms-to-be like myself, having CAS done could offer reassurance that the baby is developing perfectly, and that nothing alarming is going on in the womb.

Anyway, I had my CAS scheduled yesterday; I was exactly 22 weeks and one day along.  Hubby and I prayed as we drove to Asian Hospital, trusting that the scan would give us positive results, that no "anomaly" will be seen in our Little Munchkin.  We knew we would also finally find out the gender, but more than that, it's the certainty that s/he's fine is what's important.

It was 10:30am when the sonologist, Dr. Maria Niza Reyes, arrived.  The first question she asked us was, "Do you want to know the gender?"  We said yes.  Then she started gelling up my abdomen.  

It was fascinating to see our Little Munchkin again! :)  Together, we watched as the doctor zoomed in on every part of our baby's body and listened fervently as she explained to us what she was seeing. As I mentioned in my previous post, we were delighted to hear that Munchkin is a baby girl, Dr. Reyes even mentioned that she's "very sure" of it as our baby's "hamburger" was really obvious in between her legs, as if she was displaying it and saying "I'm a girl!" :)  She also said that our baby was mabait!  She allowed her to see easily the critical parts that she needed to see... her head and brains, every part of her face, her heart, abdomen, umbilical cord, spine, neck, and extremities. However, during the last few minutes, our baby fell asleep while tucking her left hand and foot where the doctor couldn't find them.  Hehe.  The doctor used a bell to somehow wake her up, and she did! We were finally able to count all her fingers and toes - ten each!  Perfect! :)

Because our baby doll was relatively cooperative, the scan only took 20 minutes to complete.
And the results? Everything's NORMAL! :)

Thank God, we've been reassured that our baby doll is developing well! :)  Just as the Lord promised, He will give us a perfectly healthy baby.  Salamat po! :)  Little Munchkin will always be our most precious blessing! :)


Thursday, December 11, 2014

It's A Girl! :)

The long wait is over.  Today, we already know for sure what our Little Munchkin has been hiding in between those legs.  Our baby is a SHE!  We're expecting a baby girl! :) :) :)

I used this photo as my "gender reveal" post on Instagram. :) 

Rolly and I are very, very happy!  Though we kept on saying that it doesn't matter whether it's a boy or a girl, in my heart of hearts, I was secretly wishing that Munchkin's a she, that I may be blessed with a mini-me that I can doll up with ruffles and ribbons and all things pink.  Haha. :) Rolly's excited, too!  He said munchkin is going to be daddy's sweet little girl, and she would always be his kakampi.  Hmm.. Let's see about that. ;)


Tuesday, December 9, 2014

My Glucose Challenge

I've always had a sweet tooth, pregnant or not.  But ever since I got a bun in the oven, my sweet tooth has gotten ten times sweeter, and eating chocolates and cakes has been much harder to resist!  You'd probably guess I'm prone to gestational diabetes (a condition in which women without previously diagnosed diabetes exhibit high blood glucose levels during pregnancy). Huhu. Glad my OB ordered an OGTT (Oral Glucose Tolerance Test) for me, so that we could catch it early on, if ever.

My OGTT schedule was last Saturday, and to prepare for it, I had to fast for 8 to 10 hours prior.  My last food and liquid intake was at 12:30 midnight, just in time for my 8:30am arrival at Asian Hospital.

Minutes after hubby and I got to the lab, a blood sample was taken from my arm.  Then I was asked to drink a sugar solution containing 75 grams of glucose.

Wasn't able to take a photo of the bottle, so I just grabbed this from Google Images. :)

The orange one was exactly what I drank. It tasted like a very sweet soda pop, think Sunny Orange (haha so 90s)! =D I was happy that at least it was chilled, I was already very hungry and thirsty at that time from almost 9 hours of not eating or drinking anything.  After that, I had to endure another two hours of starvation.  My blood sample was taken again at around 11:30am, then finally, I was already allowed to eat.  Well, I didn't just eat.  I pigged out! =D

The OGTT results would be forwarded to my OB two days later, so I will just know if I passed the glucose challenge when I pay another visit to her clinic within the week. :) Munchkin and I will be keeping our fingers crossed! :)


UPDATE as of 11 Dec 2014:
I passed!  My numbers are in the second column below, and they're within the normal range.
Yippee, thank You Lord! :)


Monday, November 24, 2014

Week 19

This week has been another trying episode in my pregnancy. :( Last Thursday, my blood ran cold when I went to pee and noticed I was bleeding. This was the second time it happened since I got pregnant, but this one seemed to be worse. Haaay, I didn't know what to do. I seriously feared I was losing our baby. I cried and cried and cried. 

It's a good thing I've been blessed with a very supportive OB who helped me calm down and instructed me what to do over the phone. I was advised to be on a strict bed rest, which meant I should be glued to the bed, no standing up except when going to the restroom.  I should not even lie on my back, always on either side only.  It's been difficult and ironically tiresome, but it's worth it since it's our little munchkin we're talking about. 

Saturday saved my sad week!  We went to Asian Hospital, my husband wheeling me to my OB's clinic.  I felt so relieved to hear our baby's very strong-as-always heartbeat! S/he must still be doing really fine inside me, and we couldn't thank the Lord enough!  The OB ordered that I continue my bed rest until Wednesday this week, just to be on the safe side (and that explains while I'm home now on a usually manic Monday). I still have two days to go, but I'm thankful there's no trace of spotting now.  It's as if nothing happened! :)

To our darling baby, stay strong okay? We still have around 20 more weeks to go, so your daddy and I need you to hang in there.  We know you're excited to come out as much as we are, but remember that it's not yet time. You have to grow and grow and grow first until you're ready. For now, just enjoy playing inside mommy... I love feeling your every twist and turn! :)  We'll see you again on December 11 for your next scan. We love you anak! :)


Friday, November 14, 2014

First Flutters

Hello darling! :)

Did you know, it's the second wedding anniversary of your mommy and daddy last Saturday!  I think you knew, because you gave us a very wonderful gift that day --- your first flutters! :)  We were 17 weeks and 3 days along when it happened.

I am quite sure that's not the first time you did a somersault in my tummy, but it was only then that I knew unmistakably that it was you moving.  I couldn't make it out at first, it just felt like a combination of gas bubbles and twitching muscles.  Then I felt you do it again, and again, and again. Your dad and I had to stop walking at the mall so I could feel the movement more.  It felt as if you were waddling and drifting in there, sometimes gently paddling. After I concluded it was really you, your dad and I were over the moon! Thank you for that sweet surprise, our little munchkin.  It was priceless. :)


Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Boy or Girl?

One of the many puzzles in most expectant mommies' heads, perhaps, is whether they're having a boy or a girl.  I, for one, often wonder about that.  Are we painting the nursery pink or blue?  Should I go look for baby clothes with ruffles and ribbons, or with balls and bats?  The suspense can be torturous for some, especially if they're fervently hoping for a specific gender.   For Rolly and I, however, the waiting is sweet.  For we know that whatever our Little Munchkin will turn out to be, s/he will be loved just as much. :)

Until the official "big reveal," there are many ways to predict whether the baby is a he or a she.  Of course these ways are far from being accurate and are mostly based on old wives' tales, but what the heck.  Let's have fun and play fortune-tellers!  Each one has a 50/50 chance of being correct anyway. =P


Sign 1: Shape of Belly
If you are carrying high with a big, round belly, you are having a girl. If you are carrying low with a smaller belly that sticks straight out, it's a boy.
Me:  My bump is low. :) 1 point for Team Blue.

Sign 2: Face Shape
When your face gets fuller and rounder when pregnant, it means you're going to have a girl. If your face is long and narrow, it's a boy.
Me:  This one made me laugh.  I've always had a full, round face! =D 1 point for Team Pink.

Sign 3: Pretty or Ugly
Simple.  If you have that glow and look prettier when pregnant, it's a she.  If your beauty has disappeared, it's a he.
Me:  I definitely feel and look uglier these days.  My skin has gotten oilier, and I have these annoying zits on my forehead that never seem to go away!  2 points now for Team Blue.

Sign 4: Chinese Gender Chart
The Chinese Gender Chart claims to have an accuracy rate of over 90%. It is based on how old the mother is at conception and the month that she conceived. 
Me:  This chart tells me I'm having a girl! 2 points for Team Pink.  (You can find the Chinese Gender Predictor here.)

Sign 5: Nose
This is related to sign #3. Do you feel like your nose is growing and getting wider? If so, you might be having a boy.
Me:  At 17 weeks now, my nose hasn't changed one bit.  3 points for Team Pink!

Sign 6:  Mayan Tale
The Mayan tale adds the mothers age at conception and the year of conception. If the result is a even number then mom is having a girl. If the result is an odd number then a boy is on the way!
Me:  I got 2043, so it's a he! 3 points for Team Blue!

Sign 7: Morning Sickness
If you had a smooth pregnancy with no morning sickness, it's a boy. If you were sick or felt really nauseous during your pregnancy, count on a girl.
Me:  I have never thrown up, no dizzy spells too.  4 points for Team Blue!

Sign 8:  Linea Nigra
Latin for ‘black line’, a linea nigra may appear on your belly during pregnancy. If it runs from your pubic area to your belly button only, it’s a girl, and if it goes all the way up to the bottom-most part of you rib cage, then it’s a boy.
Me:  It goes all the way up for me! 5 points for Team Blue.

Sign 9:  Sweet or Sour Tooth
Craving ice cream every single day? Some people believe this means it's a girl. If you have to have salty or sour stuff, then it's a boy.
Me:  I crave all things sweet.  4 points for Team Pink!

Sign 10:  Heartbeat
If your little one's heart rate is under 140 beats per minute, you're having a little boy. If it's over, get ready for your little girl!
Me:  The last time we checked, baby's heartbeat was at 154.  5 points for Team Pink!


Teams Blue and Pink got 5 points each!  Haha. =D  Well, I guess Rolly and I just really have to wait and see.  But no matter what, as long as our little one is healthy, we will be the happiest parents on the planet! :)  We love you, Munchkin!  


#Bumpie at 17 Weeks

Hello there, baby! :)


Monday, November 3, 2014

Pregnancy Through The Eyes of My Little Darling

Dear baby,

Today, I saw a video that made me cry.  It shows a very cute cartoon image of a baby talking to her mom as she grows inside her tummy.  I imagined her to be you, and I couldn't help but shed tears of happiness. Here, let me show you. :)

There's nothing like watching my pregnancy through your eyes, darling.  I hope that like her, you are happy and comfortable inside my tummy, too. :) Ever since I've known that you're here with me, in me, there was never a day that I do not think of you.  There are moments when I would feel scared, but when I see your face in my mind's eye, I know instantly that all the pain will be worth it.  I think I understand the love of a mom now, even though I have yet to hold you in my arms.  I love you so much, my sweet little one.  My love for you grows more and more each day, as you (and I) grow bigger and bigger. :) I can't wait to meet you and make you feel this huge love, from me and your daddy.  A few months, little munchkin.  We would have to wait for just a few months more. :)

Your excited mommy, 

Monday, October 20, 2014

Munchkin's Thump-Thump-Thump! :)

Rolly and I have already 'seen' our baby's heartbeat during my very first ultrasound at 6 weeks. Like I said in a previous entry, we could not contain our happiness. :) And two Saturdays ago, at 14 weeks and 3 days to be exact, there's another first with Little Munchkin --- we actually heard the fluttering heartbeats already! :)  My OB used a fetal Doppler, a handheld ultrasound device.

Do you hear munchkin's thump thump thump?  Those sounds which I think are similar to the sound of a helicopter's rotating blades are the heartbeats!  The doctor said our baby was super malikot, s/he kept on wiggling inside, thus the interruptions in the sound. :)

Again, thank You so much Lord for taking care of our baby.  Thank You that s/he seems to be very healthy and strong.  Please continue to be with us, holding our hands, as we complete this journey. :)


Thursday, October 9, 2014

Dear Little Munchkin,

How are you baby?  Today, people noticed how you're getting bigger and bigger.  Perhaps it's because of the tight shirt I'm wearing.  Or could it be the sweet corn?  Oh yes, I've been craving for Dole's sweet corn these past few weeks!  If it's not taho I'm aching for, it's definitely those mini corn cobs from 7-11.  Hehe.  

Your dad and I can't wait to see you again.  I hope the doctor orders another ultrasound scan soon. :)

I love you! 


Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Week Twelve

Dear baby,

You're 12 weeks old today!  Yaaaay! :) I bet you're wiggling and jiggling down there in my tummy right now. Though I can't feel your squiggles yet, I know you're as active and as perky as mommy.  :) We can't see you yet except during my ultrasound scans, so your dad and I just keep on imagining you, and how you might look like. According to my research, this is a very exciting week for you. You should be over two inches long now from crown to rump. Your vocal cords will start to form, and your nails on all 20 fingers and toes will become visible. Your fingers will soon begin to open and close. More of your cute facial features will come into focus, such as your tiny eyebrows and little lips.  Your mouth will already make sucking movements this week. Your toes will curl, and your eye muscles will clench.  I am very excited, Munchkin! :)

While you're busy growing in my tummy, I'd like to take this chance to thank you for sparing mommy from many unpleasant pregnancy symptoms.  So far, you've never let me experience morning sickness (even all-day sickness for some), nausea, or vomiting.  My sense of smell has definitely become sharper, but not to the point where I'd find common smells repulsive. Your daddy is also thankful that I don't have weird food aversions!  I've never woken him up in the middle of the night just to get me food.  But I like taho much more now compared to when you weren't there yet.  And my sweet tooth has gotten ten times sweeter! I can't stop myself from eating cakes and ice cream and candies in huge amounts/quantities.  Hehe.  I think it's a sign of how sweet a baby you will become. :) If anything, perhaps my only pregnancy discomfort comes from the insatiable hunger I feel day in and day out, and my need to pee a hundred times in just 24 hours.  But these are nothing compared to what other expecting mommies go through.  So again, thank you Munchkin! You're such a sweetheart! :)

We are almost done with our first trimester, and from this point forward, you will start growing at a rapid pace. Your daddy and I can't wait!  Six more months, and we can already hold you in our arms, and you're about to change our lives forever.  We love you, baby! So much! :)

A photo of you and me taken today, 01 October 2014. :)


Saturday, September 13, 2014

Our Little Likot :)

It's been a very happy day today! :)

After completing my two-week bed rest, it was time for another ultrasound to have my SCH re-evaluated. Needless to say, Rolly and I were both very antsy about what the results would be, but as usual, we placed everything in God's hands.

After a few minutes of waiting, ta-daaah!  It was declared that the blood clot is gone!  Yippee!  Add to our happiness the fact that our baby has grown bigger, at 2.69cm today! Lookie! :)

Little Munchkin only looked like a tiny tailed dot before, but now s/he's looking more and more like a baby. S/he was very malikot during the ultrasound, and my heart skipped a beat (or more) when we saw him/her move his/her hands, as if s/he's waving at us!  Nakakatuwa, I was on the verge of tears!  Rolly and I hugged the moment the doctor stepped out.  It's just a different kind of joy seeing our little one move.  Haaay.  S/he seems happy too, nagpapakitang-gilas sa mommy at daddy. :) Likot-likot!  Thank you for this sweet gift of life, Lord! 


Baby Bump at almost 10 weeks :)


Tuesday, September 2, 2014


I am blessed because my Healer is the best. :)


Monday, September 1, 2014

OB-Imposed House Arrest

Today, I begin serving my two-week sentence declared by my OB-gyne.  I've been put to home detention, a.k.a. bed rest, for half a month, all because of one nasty culprit --- spotting.

Saturday seemed like an ordinary 'pregnant' day.  I was either sleepy or hungry and sleepy again.  I practically slept through the entire morning!  But that changed after I went to the restroom post-lunch and discovered the light bleeding which scared the wits out of me. :(  I couldn't stop alarming thoughts from running through my head. :( Like greased lighting, Rolly and I dashed to the doctor to have it checked.

The first thing the doctor checked was my cervix, and thank God it was closed. I had an ultrasound done to know for sure if our Little Munchkin was okay.  In the middle of our silent prayers, the sonologist told us that s/he was doing pretty good, with an improved heart rate of 154 beats per minute.  The embryo also doubled in size compared to last week's scan. :)  Haaaay, thank You Lord!  The bad news, however, was that a "subchorionic hemorrhage" was found at the inferior pole of my gestational sac.  Of course I did not understand what it was at first, until my OB explained it to me.  I did my own research as well.

According to, "Subchorionic Hemorrhage/Hematoma (SCH) is a gathering of blood between the membranes of the placenta and the uterus. A more technical name is the chorion. Some doctors will also just refer to it as a blood clot. There is no known cause for SCH but many researchers speculate that during egg implantation, the egg slightly separates or tears from the uterus causing a bleed. There is nothing a woman did or could have done to cause or prevent them. SCH occurs to pregnant women of all ages and races."

There is no formal treatment for this blod clot, but most doctors advise bed rest until it heals on its own. I was told that it's important for the clot to not get any bigger, otherwise, it could pose a risk to the baby. :(

I know God is with me every step of the way.  Though I naturally feel concerned, I am very sure that He will get us through this.  Jesus is my Healer, and I declare in His name that this SCH thing will be resolved and will not threaten the life of our Little Munchkin.  Buti na lang nandyan ka Lord.  You are indeed my strength and my refuge!

For now, I will try to 'enjoy' my two-week home detention.  I don't know how I can manage that, but I am willing to do anything for the sake of this sweet life inside me. :) That's how mommies are, right?


Sunday, August 24, 2014

Love At First Sight

I never believed in love at first sight... until yesterday.  Yesterday when we got a glimpse of our child for the very first time.

Little Munchkin's first ever photo! :)

It felt so surreal!  There's really a new life growing inside me!  Rolly and I could not contain our happiness, especially when we saw our little munchkin's fluttering heartbeats!  Hubby cried, huhu.  I thought I would cry, too, but my joy was overflowing I could not react!  Haha.  Ganun pala yun.  The feeling was overwhelming.  We love you so much, baby! *tears*tears*tears  

It was our 6th week + 3 days yesterday, and our babycakes was still very tiny, measuring 0.49cm from crown to rump. The fetal heart rate was 115 beats per minute, which is normal for his/her age and size.  We're seeing our baby again after two weeks with another round of ultrasound... we can't wait!

Haaay, I can't thank the Lord enough for this wonderful miracle!  Thank You again and again and again, Jesus!  May the life of this child bring you Honor and Praise and Glory all the days of his/her life. :)


Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Like A Bottomless Pit

Munchkin and I are in our 6th week today! :)

And I'm already feeling how 'pregnant' I really am.  My stomach is like a bottomless pit!  No matter how much food I take in and how frequent, it does not seem to get satisfied.  This little life inside me is always famished! =D

This is how my stomach seems these days.
(Photo from Google Images)

If the insatiable hunger goes on, I just can't imagine how much I will weigh months from now. Hehe.  But I guess I don't really care.  As long as Munchkin is healthy and well-nourished, I'll do anything and everything. That includes preparing my body (and my emotions, haha) for the extra pounds it will certainly pack on soon. I'll just work the fat off after I pop, and I'm wishing it's not going to be an uphill battle. ;)


Sunday, August 17, 2014

A Prayer For Our Little Munchkin

As an expectant mommy, there are times when I can't help but feel fear. What if my baby doesn't have a heartbeat? What if s/he is not healthy?  Will I suffer from a miscarriage?  My list of fears could go on and on and on, if not for the voice of God that I hear when I pray.  He tells me not to worry, and to leave everything under His care.  I should be at peace because every single thing that will happen is part of His master plan.  All I need to do is trust.

Whenever I feel anxious, I look for prayers to put my mind at ease.  And here's one that says exactly what my heart feels.

"Lord Jesus, I lovingly pray for this sweet hope
that I keep within my womb.
You have granted me the immense gift 
of a tiny little life
living in my own life,
and I humbly thank You for choosing me
as an instrument of Your love.
In this sweet waiting,
help me to live in a constant attitude
of self-surrender to Your will.

"Grant me a motherly heart that is pure,
steadfast, and generous.
I hand over to You my own concerns,
any anxious fears that may come,
my own wishes for the little person
that I still have no knowledge of.
Grant that it may be born healthy in body,
keep far from it every peril to its soul.

"Mary, you have known 
the ineffable joy of a holy motherhood;
give me a heart that can transmit
an ardent, living faith.
Sanctify my waiting,
bless this joyful hope that is in me,
grant that the fruit of my womb
may open out in virtue
and in holiness through your working
with that of your own Divine Son."



Friday, August 15, 2014

Dreams Do Come True

When God plants a dream in your heart, nurture it and have faith. Believe that it will come true, because it will. I know it. It has happened to me.

Almost a year ago, I declared my greatest dream in this blog, and that’s my dream of becoming a mommy. At that time, my hubby and I had already been waiting for 7 months, and there were moments when I would feel very concerned and paranoid. We waited and waited, and during all those times, our prayers were never without that dream. Despite the occasional anxiety, we had always known that God will make it come true, because He planted it in our hearts in the first place. He was just waiting for the perfect time. 

After about one year and seven months of active trying, God has finally given Heaven the green light. Our little angel is coming! :)

As of this writing, I am already 5 weeks and 2 days pregnant! Yippee!

Test taken on August 11. :) This was my 3rd!
The first two taken on Aug 09 & 10 showed very faint lines.

I wonder why God chose this time to reveal to us His perfectly-wrapped gift.  Is it because it's now been 6 years since Rolly and I became boyfriend and girlfriend (I said 'yes' on 8-8-8)?  Is it because we're nearing our 2nd year anniversary as husband and wife?  I will never find out.  All I know is that I have been blessed with a very loving and supportive husband who has given me so much joy and happiness as we waited together for our bundle of joy.  With him, I never got bored of my life as a wife despite the absence of a baby.  Now that the munchkin is on his/her way, I'm bursting with excitement because I know that life will be so much happier... and complete. :)
Maraming salamat, Panginoon! :)


Jeremiah 29:11
"For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, 
plans for welfare and not for evil, 
to give you a future and a hope."



Thursday, May 22, 2014

Singapore Snapshots

After our trip to Beijing, Rolly and I had three months to put our feet up before flying again for Honeymoon Number 2. :) This time, we went to Singapore.

Singapore is probably one of the nicest places to go to this side of the globe. It’s very clean, no trash on the streets. We did not see sidewalk vendors around, no stray animals wandering off. The transport system is also traveler-friendly. You can get lost in the island and still easily find your way back. Singapore is small, so you can go from one tourist destination to the next quickly and without difficulty. For lazy laid-back vacationers like Rolly and I, SG is “the place to be.” :)

The highlight of our SG experience was probably our day in Universal Studios.  Being kids-at-heart, we looked forward to the adrenalin rush we knew the theme park’s adult rides would bring (but not the extreme ones for me, my liking for “scream machines” has a limit!).

Battlestar Galactica: Human vs. Cyclon

Can you believe I survived this monstrous ride? Battlestar Galactica is the world's tallest duelling roller coaster!  It took hours and hours for Rolly to convince me, but I gave in eventually. I thought I already died after the ride!

It was a relief to see the characters of Sesame Street afterwards. :)  How nostalgic!  I remember my kiddo days when I was glued to the TV singing "Sunny day, sweepin' the clouds away... On my way to where the air is sweet! Can you tell me how to get, how to get to Sesame Street..."

We saw Ernie, Cookie Monster, Elmo, Big Bird, Abby Cadabby, Grover, and Bert! :)

USS also brings to life several characters from famous movies and cartoons! We met some robots from the Transformers, Woodie Woodpecker and his wife, Rick O'Connell and Evie Carnahan of The Mummy, Alex, Gloria, and The Penguins from Madagascar, Pinnochio, and Marilyn Monroe, among others. :)

Aside from Universal Studios, Rolly and I also went to Gardens by the Bay...

... and Singapore Zoo.

There was another thing that will not make me forget our Singapore trip.  It was here that I experienced zip line for the first time! :)  At Megazip Adventure Park, the zip wire was over 450 meters long and 72 meters above sea level. I was so frightened my blood ran cold, but I did it!

We also went to see SG Flyer,the world's second tallest Ferris Wheel next to Nevada's High Roller, and Songs of the Sea, an awesome multimedia show at Siloso Beach in Sentosa.

So there you go, a roundup of our Singapore snapshots! :) :) :)


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