Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Hello 2014! :)

Bitstrips version of ourselves  =D

Today is the first day of 2014, and I'm in an inexplicably positive mood.  I dunno.  I'm just... HAPPY. :)

So, how did we celebrate New Year's eve, you ask?

Of course there's the traditional NYE meal, or Media Noche as we call it.  The dinner table can't do without these different round fruits! :)  We had grapes, apples, oranges, ponkan and dalandan, we had a melon, watermelon, pomelo, and pear.  There were guava and chico as well.  Ooopsie daisies, don't count!  I knooow, these are only eleven.  The chestnuts didn't make it to New Year's eve because we already ate them a day ahead!  Hehe.  Oh well, there were ham, sopas, sandwiches and brownies to compensate. =P

At 10pm, Rolly and I went to church to celebrate  mass.   We wore our terno Universal Studios shirts because we served as lectors and we had to be in white.  We got back home 20 minutes before 12 midnight, and we just had to take this selfie! :)  Rolly's face was the same in all four shots!  Boooooring. =P  Hahaha.  Kidding, my love!

Excuse the photo quality please! =/

And then the clock hit twelve! HELLO 2014! :)

Fortunately, we had wealthy neighbors who did not seem to care about spending thousands and thousands of pesos on fireworks.  We were at the comfort of our own veranda sharing with them the same night sky and the same beautiful display of lights we did not spend a cent on.  Hehe. =D We were satisfied with our teeny tiny Roman candles and little happy & noisy torotots!  And of course, we didn't let the moment pass without the pangpatangkad new year juuuuuuump!  Oh yes, we firmly believe that we can still grow taller, even at 31 (Rolly) and 28 (me).  Hahaha.  Talk about optimism. ;)

Thank you for these photos Kuya Rolan (Rolly's brother)! :)  And for spending New Year's Eve with us! :)

It was indeed a happy New Year's eve for hubby and me.  But at the end of it all, after the firecrackers stopped setting off, after the night sky was cleared from all the lovely fireworks, we're back to reality.  Just Rolly and me.  Similar to last year's NYE, we ended the night (no, it was already morning ;)) by talking to our Father and thanking Him for everything He has given us in 2013.  He blessed us with so much, as He always has... a loving home, amazing parents whom He has kept healthy and strong, our brothers, our friends, our bosses, our job... this list could go on and on and on.  That's how great our God is!  In our prayer, we asked Him to bless our brand new list of things to accomplish in 2014.  Like last year, Rolly and I sat down and agreed on what we want to achieve in the next 12 months.  We know that as usual, God will hold our hand and guide us once more so that we could tick every one of these off the bucket list. ;)

Hmm, I just realized, I now understand why I'm in a super positive mood which I described as inexplicable at the start of this blog entry.  It's not inexplicable at all!  I am in high spirits because I am excited about what lies ahead this year.  I may not know what's out there for me and for us, but my faith tells me that it will all be good!  After all, it's God who has planned out everything, right?  All His plans are perfect... who wouldn't be delighted?  :)

So cheers to a blessed 2014!  Cheers to a brand new year, a chance for new beginnings! :)

Jumping for joy,

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