Sunday, August 24, 2014

Love At First Sight

I never believed in love at first sight... until yesterday.  Yesterday when we got a glimpse of our child for the very first time.

Little Munchkin's first ever photo! :)

It felt so surreal!  There's really a new life growing inside me!  Rolly and I could not contain our happiness, especially when we saw our little munchkin's fluttering heartbeats!  Hubby cried, huhu.  I thought I would cry, too, but my joy was overflowing I could not react!  Haha.  Ganun pala yun.  The feeling was overwhelming.  We love you so much, baby! *tears*tears*tears  

It was our 6th week + 3 days yesterday, and our babycakes was still very tiny, measuring 0.49cm from crown to rump. The fetal heart rate was 115 beats per minute, which is normal for his/her age and size.  We're seeing our baby again after two weeks with another round of ultrasound... we can't wait!

Haaay, I can't thank the Lord enough for this wonderful miracle!  Thank You again and again and again, Jesus!  May the life of this child bring you Honor and Praise and Glory all the days of his/her life. :)


Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Like A Bottomless Pit

Munchkin and I are in our 6th week today! :)

And I'm already feeling how 'pregnant' I really am.  My stomach is like a bottomless pit!  No matter how much food I take in and how frequent, it does not seem to get satisfied.  This little life inside me is always famished! =D

This is how my stomach seems these days.
(Photo from Google Images)

If the insatiable hunger goes on, I just can't imagine how much I will weigh months from now. Hehe.  But I guess I don't really care.  As long as Munchkin is healthy and well-nourished, I'll do anything and everything. That includes preparing my body (and my emotions, haha) for the extra pounds it will certainly pack on soon. I'll just work the fat off after I pop, and I'm wishing it's not going to be an uphill battle. ;)


Sunday, August 17, 2014

A Prayer For Our Little Munchkin

As an expectant mommy, there are times when I can't help but feel fear. What if my baby doesn't have a heartbeat? What if s/he is not healthy?  Will I suffer from a miscarriage?  My list of fears could go on and on and on, if not for the voice of God that I hear when I pray.  He tells me not to worry, and to leave everything under His care.  I should be at peace because every single thing that will happen is part of His master plan.  All I need to do is trust.

Whenever I feel anxious, I look for prayers to put my mind at ease.  And here's one that says exactly what my heart feels.

"Lord Jesus, I lovingly pray for this sweet hope
that I keep within my womb.
You have granted me the immense gift 
of a tiny little life
living in my own life,
and I humbly thank You for choosing me
as an instrument of Your love.
In this sweet waiting,
help me to live in a constant attitude
of self-surrender to Your will.

"Grant me a motherly heart that is pure,
steadfast, and generous.
I hand over to You my own concerns,
any anxious fears that may come,
my own wishes for the little person
that I still have no knowledge of.
Grant that it may be born healthy in body,
keep far from it every peril to its soul.

"Mary, you have known 
the ineffable joy of a holy motherhood;
give me a heart that can transmit
an ardent, living faith.
Sanctify my waiting,
bless this joyful hope that is in me,
grant that the fruit of my womb
may open out in virtue
and in holiness through your working
with that of your own Divine Son."



Friday, August 15, 2014

Dreams Do Come True

When God plants a dream in your heart, nurture it and have faith. Believe that it will come true, because it will. I know it. It has happened to me.

Almost a year ago, I declared my greatest dream in this blog, and that’s my dream of becoming a mommy. At that time, my hubby and I had already been waiting for 7 months, and there were moments when I would feel very concerned and paranoid. We waited and waited, and during all those times, our prayers were never without that dream. Despite the occasional anxiety, we had always known that God will make it come true, because He planted it in our hearts in the first place. He was just waiting for the perfect time. 

After about one year and seven months of active trying, God has finally given Heaven the green light. Our little angel is coming! :)

As of this writing, I am already 5 weeks and 2 days pregnant! Yippee!

Test taken on August 11. :) This was my 3rd!
The first two taken on Aug 09 & 10 showed very faint lines.

I wonder why God chose this time to reveal to us His perfectly-wrapped gift.  Is it because it's now been 6 years since Rolly and I became boyfriend and girlfriend (I said 'yes' on 8-8-8)?  Is it because we're nearing our 2nd year anniversary as husband and wife?  I will never find out.  All I know is that I have been blessed with a very loving and supportive husband who has given me so much joy and happiness as we waited together for our bundle of joy.  With him, I never got bored of my life as a wife despite the absence of a baby.  Now that the munchkin is on his/her way, I'm bursting with excitement because I know that life will be so much happier... and complete. :)
Maraming salamat, Panginoon! :)


Jeremiah 29:11
"For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, 
plans for welfare and not for evil, 
to give you a future and a hope."



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