Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Like A Bottomless Pit

Munchkin and I are in our 6th week today! :)

And I'm already feeling how 'pregnant' I really am.  My stomach is like a bottomless pit!  No matter how much food I take in and how frequent, it does not seem to get satisfied.  This little life inside me is always famished! =D

This is how my stomach seems these days.
(Photo from Google Images)

If the insatiable hunger goes on, I just can't imagine how much I will weigh months from now. Hehe.  But I guess I don't really care.  As long as Munchkin is healthy and well-nourished, I'll do anything and everything. That includes preparing my body (and my emotions, haha) for the extra pounds it will certainly pack on soon. I'll just work the fat off after I pop, and I'm wishing it's not going to be an uphill battle. ;)


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