Sunday, August 24, 2014

Love At First Sight

I never believed in love at first sight... until yesterday.  Yesterday when we got a glimpse of our child for the very first time.

Little Munchkin's first ever photo! :)

It felt so surreal!  There's really a new life growing inside me!  Rolly and I could not contain our happiness, especially when we saw our little munchkin's fluttering heartbeats!  Hubby cried, huhu.  I thought I would cry, too, but my joy was overflowing I could not react!  Haha.  Ganun pala yun.  The feeling was overwhelming.  We love you so much, baby! *tears*tears*tears  

It was our 6th week + 3 days yesterday, and our babycakes was still very tiny, measuring 0.49cm from crown to rump. The fetal heart rate was 115 beats per minute, which is normal for his/her age and size.  We're seeing our baby again after two weeks with another round of ultrasound... we can't wait!

Haaay, I can't thank the Lord enough for this wonderful miracle!  Thank You again and again and again, Jesus!  May the life of this child bring you Honor and Praise and Glory all the days of his/her life. :)


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