Saturday, September 13, 2014

Our Little Likot :)

It's been a very happy day today! :)

After completing my two-week bed rest, it was time for another ultrasound to have my SCH re-evaluated. Needless to say, Rolly and I were both very antsy about what the results would be, but as usual, we placed everything in God's hands.

After a few minutes of waiting, ta-daaah!  It was declared that the blood clot is gone!  Yippee!  Add to our happiness the fact that our baby has grown bigger, at 2.69cm today! Lookie! :)

Little Munchkin only looked like a tiny tailed dot before, but now s/he's looking more and more like a baby. S/he was very malikot during the ultrasound, and my heart skipped a beat (or more) when we saw him/her move his/her hands, as if s/he's waving at us!  Nakakatuwa, I was on the verge of tears!  Rolly and I hugged the moment the doctor stepped out.  It's just a different kind of joy seeing our little one move.  Haaay.  S/he seems happy too, nagpapakitang-gilas sa mommy at daddy. :) Likot-likot!  Thank you for this sweet gift of life, Lord! 


Baby Bump at almost 10 weeks :)


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