Friday, November 14, 2014

First Flutters

Hello darling! :)

Did you know, it's the second wedding anniversary of your mommy and daddy last Saturday!  I think you knew, because you gave us a very wonderful gift that day --- your first flutters! :)  We were 17 weeks and 3 days along when it happened.

I am quite sure that's not the first time you did a somersault in my tummy, but it was only then that I knew unmistakably that it was you moving.  I couldn't make it out at first, it just felt like a combination of gas bubbles and twitching muscles.  Then I felt you do it again, and again, and again. Your dad and I had to stop walking at the mall so I could feel the movement more.  It felt as if you were waddling and drifting in there, sometimes gently paddling. After I concluded it was really you, your dad and I were over the moon! Thank you for that sweet surprise, our little munchkin.  It was priceless. :)


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